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A lot has been written on this Internet Blog on the US Power Elite (1) and its power to decide even over life and death of the US President himself (2). The US Power Elite might count now 50 to 100 people as consequence of ongoing concentration so well described already by Karl Marx (3). But what if this elite is fractioned and at war with itself? It is not new to history that even in tight circles of power fierce fighting could break out and killing of competing members of that circle was common place in History. Especially when the power of the ruling circle is no more really challenged within its home society, as this is the case with the US and its extended system of manipulation of the masses, and when at the same time there´s much to win and much to lose because of outside factors the struggle for strategies could become very fierce.

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The Military Industrial Finance Intelligence Complex

The Military Industrial Complex was warned of already by Eisenhower in his fare well speech (4) and addressed as well by Kennedy short time before his death (5). But the present ruling complex also includes the financial forces and the “Intelligence”. The later has formed double structures within the official secret services, which was a consequence of the “need” to hide the most illegal operations from formal democratic control. Additionally one has to be clear about the columns of power to the world outside. What are those columns? After WW II the most important column was the US industry turning the US into the World´s “work bench” (6). This is past except the still unbroken leadership in the arms industry. An important column is the Dollar hegemony, strongly pushed since the foundation of the Bretton Woods system and after weakened by dropping the gold standard and fully brought to power again by the decision of OPEC in 1975 to trade oil only in Dollars. Closely linked to this is “financial industry” creating a virtual world of speculation and manipulation. In this decision Saudi Arabia, close ally of the USA had a decisive hand (7). Another column of US power is the patent policy (8) in which the agricultural industry – in its most brutal form represented by Monsanto – prominent (9). Together these columns carry a power machinery with which the US Power Elite dream to control the world for ever.







“Traders” and “Warriors”

As unified the US Power Elite is in its desire to control the world it prefers diverging strategies. The so called “Traders” prefer “Soft Power” (10) by far not as soft as the word pretends. This fraction tends to have things done by bribery and corruption, by blackmail and covert operations. They are not shy to strangulate economies and whole nations (11), but decorate their aspirations with the struggle for “Human Rights” and “Democracy”, also bombing for this or arming Islamist thugs like in Libya and Syria, not being shy to do this with depleted uranium coated ammunition (12).

The “Warriors” prefer open military brutality, the “boot on the ground”! They justify this with “dangers to the security of the Nation”. The followers of this line are the Neoconservatives. Typical representatives of this “School of thinking” (There are many “Think Tanks” in the US (13)) are the two Presidents named Bush. They were Presidents who can not only be regarded as “functional elite” ranging under the real Power Elite, but direct representatives of the Power Elite, likewise former Vice President Richard Cheney. Father Bush, George Herbert (“Poppy”) Bush can be regarded as someone who was deeply involved into JFK´s assassination, as being impressively presented in Russ Baker´s “Family of Secrets”. The Neocons stand for concepts like the one outlined in the papers for a “New American Century”,, and “Rebuilding America´s Defense” (14).

A trigger for the implementation of the respective direct “robust” military involvement were the incidents around “Nine Eleven” (15). The War on Terrorism has cost possibly 300,000 lives (16), to my view a moderate estimation. After all it is extremely expensive for the down going economy of the US and also has turned the US image in the world even more to the negative. Thus the Power Elite had to renovate the façade by bringing to the front a friendly smiling human face decorated with announced “Change”, Barack Obama (17).









A possibly wrong Assessment

It appeared plausible for quite a time to see this step of putting Obama “to the front” as a decision of the US Power Elite as a whole, which might still hold true for the present first presidential term. But the diverging strategic concepts which could have been seen to present only as differences within the functionary elite and its Think Tanks could as well be reflections of stronger differences within the PE. And even only parts of the Power Elite might have been involved into what seems to be more and more of an “Inside Job”: Nine Eleven! If this would be the case more complications come in. If it was only a thing of the “Warriors” and their Neocon apparatus the internal conflict would be more severe. If ever coming to the light, it would catapult a whole section of the Power Elite out of the game, as long as they wouldn´t stage an openly authoritarian coup. And at this point another player comes into the game: Israel.

Generally it must be clear to politically informed people that the tale about Israel and its lobby “ruling America” is an illusion since the tail in reality never wags the dog (18). But what if the tail knows too much about one half of the dog? What, if Israel´s intelligence had insight into an “inside job”? At the time of the attack on the Twin Towers a white van (19) was seen with some men jubilating at the incident. It turned out that those jubilating “Middle Easterners” were Israelis working for the MOSSAD (20). To prevent superficial interpretations: it would be absurd to believe that the MOSSAD would dare to stage Nine Eleven against the will of the US Power Elite, Israel would risk all by such an action. Very plausible is the interpretation that they had intelligence insight into the inside job. This now would give Israel´s government unlimited blackmail power over the forces having organized such a barbaric terrorist attack. The widely seen jubilation of MOSSAD members –being absurd and counterproductive if themselves involved – becomes logic because they would have known what this meant. In this light Sharon´s often reported comment to Peres “we control America” appears plausible (21). The split of the Neocon affiliated part of the Power Elite to the “Traders” with their “Soft Power” on the other side would have been much deepened. The more so since those ones trying to control the World not only by financial manipulations (22) but according to Brzezinki´s not so new concepts (23) by integrating the Islamic world into the “containment” of Russia and China could not afford to play Israel´s hazard games in Middle East.







The Trapped Neocons

If the previous assumptions are true – and according to the reality of covertness one can only speculate in a swamp of secrecy – the neocon fraction is bound to support the hard core Zionist designs on Near East. Those are obviously directed at “eating the whole cake”, means to finally annex at least the West Bank – East Jerusalem is seen by Israel´s government already as annexed (illegally anyway). But also the Gaza Strip might be on the eating list. This would include the old Zionist dream of the “Transfer”, the expelling of the Palestinians to Jordan and Egypt (24). In Moshe Dajan´s recorded words: „a new State of Israel with broad frontiers, strong and solid, with the authority of the Israel Government extending from the Jordan [river] to the Suez Canal.“ (25). There´s another word very bluntly spoken by him: We don’t have a solution, and you will continue living like dogs, and whoever wants will go…” (26). Since there is growing awareness about Israel´s disrespect for international law in Western society this dream could only be “sold” to the public in those countries on whose support Israel depends, if a violent and chaotic development in the region would “allow” Israel´s government to characterize such a step as absolutely necessary for Israel´s “survival”. Expelling of Palestinians on a “smaller scale” to other parts of the occupied territory is notorious (27). This dream, being the extended nightmare of the Palestinians, might well be the strategic paradigm of the “neocon” version of hardcore Zionism and the parties (most of the existing ones) in Israel carrying that ideology. As said before the final fulfillment of that dream requires an extended war in the region to “justify” that “last push” to the Palestinians.

What could be the trigger to have the region in flames? How to get the respective US support for that deed? The preferred scenario would obviously have been a war with Iran over the most probably false allegations that Iran would try to achieve nuclear armament (28). The majority of mainstream media in the West are carrying the pushed hysteria on the topic. But Obama and his administration obviously representing the will of the “Soft Power” fraction being well aware of overstretching´s danger is very hesitative, which made him already a media target for JFK´s fate (29). This became clear already before the US presidential elections. What did the Zionist Power Elite need? A Romney administration representing the Neocon fraction of the US Power Elite! That fraction being at the hands of Israel´s insight into the past would be ready if it comes to the point!







“Stealing the Election” or a Political Coup Attempt

Under the mentioned circumstances it is no more astonishing that a republican candidate was chosen who´s a personal friend to Netanjahu (30), Mitt Romney. The Neocon fraction in need to fulfill the demanded policy had to place their man into office. Elections in the US have been said to be problematic at least since George W. Bush´s “victory”. Characteristically might be a strange incident with a voting machine as recorded here:! There are widespread worries about the possibilities of manipulation with this technology the more since producing companies have close links to Republicans (31). At the same time those are shouting “stop the thief!” (32). Never the less all possible manipulations – if “the US Republican Voting Fraud Machine” really existed (33) – were in vain, the candidate representing the “smart power fraction” won. No fast way to “Iran War” and thus they had a disappointed power elite in Israel.

But manipulating the vote directly would not have been the only way to influence the elections. There are indications that a real diabolic attempt was made to raise the US public against the democratic candidate in office. And as it seems the forces of the Neocon fraction were well settled in the military and in CIA spheres, so well settled that it appears they staged some sort of “let it happen operation” around the Libyan US Embassy, which costed some US lives, but who cares?! If reports and analyses of the incident are true, this could be classed as some sort of a political coup, involving high ranking Generals and CIA members.





Coup and Counter Coup in Washington

On Tuesday, 11th September, the US ambassador in Libya, J. Christopher Stevens, and 3 staff members were killed in Libya in course of an attack in Benghazi (34). Romney took this opportunity to blame the Obama administration for “failing to project American strength abroad” (35) and said: “hope is not a strategy”. What made the case more delicate, the CIA with its director David Petraeus was obviously leaving the administration to the belief that the attacks were the result of the scandalous film enraging parts of the Islamic world, while knowing much better (36). This made UN ambassador Susan Rice release respective statements for which she was attacked together with the presidential candidate. After all, Obama, and his running mate, Vice president Joe Biden, won the race on 6th of November.

Few days later Petraeus resigns over a sex affair, short time before he could be questioned in a closed door hearing in Congress over the Benghazi affair. The whole story made analysts looking deeper into the case. The widely known Dr. Webster Tarpley sees good reasons to believe in a hidden struggle between Power Elite fractions, which he characterizes as “Coup and counter-coup in Washington” (37). A paragraph reads like this:

“The Romney backers were made up of neocons, Bush holdovers, and members of the Mormon Mafia in the intelligence community — a relatively narrow base. The Obama supporters were the Brzezinski-Nye soft power group and military opposed to the Iran war. The neocons and reactionary Mormons wanted to restore aggressive war and wholesale bombing as the preferred option for US foreign policy. Although they love drones and assassinations, they want to keep significant US conventional forces in the Middle East.”

He has good reason as well to see a following “Night of long knifes” against those ones being part of the circle: Marine General John R. Allen, General Carter Ham, commander of US Africom, Admiral James G. Stavridis (the outgoing NATO Supreme Commander), General William E. “Kip” Ward (commanding Africom from 2007 to 2011), Lieutenant General Patrick J. O’Reilly (Director of the Pentagon’s Missile Defense Agency), Rear Admiral Chuck Gaouette (commander of the USS Stennis carrier battle group), Brigadier General Jeffrey Sinclair (second in command of the 82nd Airborne Division stationed at Fort Bragg, North Carolina, and a key man for Afghanistan logistics), Commander Joseph E. Darlak (commanding officer of the frigate USS Vandegrifft) and two other senior officers, Christopher E. Kubasik (fired as president and Chief Operating Officer of Lockheed Martin Corp), all being under fire either also for sexual affairs, fraud cases or for rape (38). Says Tarpley: “The current scandals are extraordinary because they cast light on the rogue network or invisible government of the United States”.





38)   Same link

Gaza Attack instead of Iran Attack?

Since the desire of Israel´s extremist government for an Iran attack to set the region in flames, which was favored by Petraeus (39), was now out of sight, another option for that aim was possibly prepared.

“With all these figures removed, it is likely to be more difficult for Israel’s Netanyahu to launch his war against Iran in the way that had been planned. He has therefore fallen back on the option of starting a smaller war in Gaza as a means of stabilizing the US-UK-Israel war party while other options are sought. The rogue network, now a wounded beast, must be counted doubly dangerous” (writes Tarpley in that article). It should be added: this step been gone as the described alternative to set the region aflame and pull the Obama administration into it. About the preparation “Global Research” reads: “What is significant in assessing US involvement in Operation “Pillar of Cloud” is the fact that in the month prior to the attacks, the US and Israel were involved in the conduct of the largest joint war games in Israeli history. The objective of the war games was to test Israel’s missile air defense system against attacks from far and near, namely from Iran, Hezbollah and Hamas” (40).

But with the described weakening of the “rogue guys´” circles it could not proceed the way it was intended and contradicted fundamentally to the concept preferred by the “Soft Power fraction”. Maybe also that it was Obama´s compromise of a “small war” showing the notorious “Goodwill” to Israel and its lobby, but nevertheless surely frustrating the hardcore Zionist. But “who cares” for more than 100 dead Palestinians (41)?




A Battle Lost for the “Rogue Guys” but the War Going on?

If all the interpretations would be fitting, the Israel driven Neocons cannot give up. Their opponents wouldn´t dare to expose them because they would have to fear a staged civil war or military coup, but Israel´s power elite will not stop pressing and blackmailing their Neocon “friends”. Spectacular events have to be feared. Another “JFK case” (possibly hitting President and his Vice) is thinkable maybe combined with another “Nine Eleven” to create “State Emergency” as a pretext to Neocon takeover. Such a danger occurred in the US in the 30ties when a corporate fascist coup was possibly in sight in the US (42). And who was possibly involved? George W. Bush´s Grandfather, Prescott Bush (43).

What Israel´s hardliner surely would have to fear is a compromise between the two fractions of the US Power Elite to get rid of the ties to Israel, which would free them together to develop “wider concepts” then nearer to the Brzezinski strategy. If that would happen, the US and its European “vassals” might find out that the pampering of Israel´s nuclear armament was a highly problematic action!



No False Sympathies

With all this said, seen especially from a “Third World Perspective” the two fractions are not too different from each other. Both aim at the complete control of the World, especially of its South! The sufferings and killings would be going on in Congo, in West Papua, in Libya, in Syria and so forth. Both fraction of the Power Elite likes to apply the “Shock Doctrine” ( to the World. A growing consciousness in the US and in Europe among the common people that they are in the end also only “vegetable” for that US Power Elite, just like the black, brown and yellow people of this world are to the “WASP Gods”, would help all of us to struggle for a World more fair and Human!

Andreas Schlüter

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Seit geraumer Zeit geht ein Raunen um, es würde zum Krieg gegen den Iran kommen. Bereits 2007 plauderte der US-General im Ruhestand, Wesley Clarke, über ein Papier, von dem er kurze Zeit nach Nine Eleven erfuhr, das sieben Länder enthielt, die innerhalb von fünf Jahren zum „Regime-Change“ bekriegt werden sollten, neben Libyen und Syrien als „krönender Abschluss“ war darin der Iran enthalten ( Nun, man ist dem Zeitplan deutlich hinterher, aber der Kolonialkrieg in Libyen zeigt, dass die Liste wohl nicht an Aktualität verloren hat.


Nach den höchst windigen Vorwürfen angeblicher Attentatspläne des Iran gegen den Saudischen Botschafter im Oktober schwillt das Schlagen der Kriegstrommeln wieder an. Dabei sind die „üblichen Verdächtigen“, die USA, Israel und Großbritannien die lautesten Trommler. Was treibt die Regierungen dieser Länder zu solchen Wahnsinnsplänen? Oder sind es vielmehr die wahren Mächte hinter den Regierungen? Eine wirkliche Angst vor dem Iran, dessen Regierung sicher einem Menschen linker Gesinnung keine reine Freude machen kann, als Bedrohung des nah- und mittelöstlichen oder gar des Weltfriedens, wäre an Lächerlichkeit kaum zu überbieten. Seit undenklichen Zeiten ist vom Iran kein Krieg ausgegangen. Dass es wirkliche Bestrebungen im Iran gäbe, Atomwaffen herzustellen, ist durch nichts bewiesen. Allerdings ist vorstellbar, dass solch Bestreben durch die permanenten Kriegsdrohungen als Reaktion resultieren könnte. Dann könnte man bald vielleicht Beweise finden und hätte aber den „Kriegsgrund“ selbst erzeugt.

Die wahren Mächtigen

In den USA ist die Demokratie längst zur Farce verkommen und die Politik wird vom militärisch-industriell-geheimdienstlichen Komplex gesteuert, wie z. B. das detailreiche und gründlich recherchierte Buch „Family of Secrets“ von Russ Baker (, u. belegt. Dass es auch unter Obama mit „Change“ nicht wirklich etwas ist, wird zunehmend offenbar. Unter keinem US-Präsidenten sind so viele Menschen durch „Drohnen“-Angriffe umgebracht worden, wie unter dem „Friedens-Nobelpreisträger“ (, Zur Macht in den USA und ihrer globalen Perspektive geben auch diese beiden Beiträge Aufschluss: und

Auch Großbritannien hat spätestens nach dem „Thatcherismus“ politisch komplett vor dem Kapital kapituliert. Die kapitalgesteuerte politische Klasse Großbritanniens ist den USA weitgehend angebunden, „scherzhaft“ spricht man auch vom „51st State“. Genau wie die Kapitalisten der USA haben auch die der Insel weitgehend auf Deindustrialisierung und entfesselten Finanzkapitalismus gesetzt. In Israel, das materiell weitgehend am Tropf der USA hängt, ist der „militärisch-industrielle Komplex“ mit der „Sicherheits-Industrie“ eine der tragenden Säulen der Wirtschaft. Er ist eng verbunden mit der inzwischen völlig vom „Hardcore-Zionismus“ beherrschten politischen Klasse, die „linkszionistische“ Elemente weitgehend ausgesondert hat, von „Friedensbewegten“ ganz zu schweigen. Dieser Hardcore-Zionismus drängt weiter darauf, sich des ganzen ehemaligen Palästinas zu bemächtigen (wie die Karte des Ministeriums für Einwanderung zeigt: und hat immer noch den „Transfer“, die endgültige Verbringung der Palästinenser „über den Jordan“ zum Ziel. Wie sich das auf die Palästinenser unter Besatzung auswirkt, kann man auch auf dieser Website absehen:

Was wäre wenn?

Sollte es nun wirklich so sein, dass das anhaltende Bedrohungsszenario gegen den Iran dessen Regierung (die unter der Aufsicht repressiver aber politisch sehr rationaler Mullahs steht) dazu getrieben hätte, sich um Atomrüstung zu bemühen, was dann? „So what?!“, kann man da nur sagen. Es ist völlig klar, dass die Mullahs nicht irgendeines Hasses auf das expansionistische Israel wegen die Existenz des Iran aufs Spiel setzen, denn Israel hat 200 bis 300 Atomsprengköpfe und eine ausgedehnte „Zweitschlags-Kapazität“ nicht zu letzt der von Deutschland gelieferten Super-U-Boote wegen. Damit „spielt“ Israel atomar in der Klasse von Großbritannien und Frankreich. Von irgendeiner existenziellen Bedrohung durch eine regionale Militärmacht oder staatliche Allianz zu sprechen, belegt entweder komplette Ignoranz oder einen sehr ausgeprägten Willen zum Lügen. Auch zwei, fünf oder zehn atomare Sprengköpfe in der Hand der iranischen Regierung wären zwar unerfreulich (wie all die anderen abertausende Sprengköpfe anderer Regierungen), aber keineswegs existenzbedrohend für Israel, wenn es nicht selbst zum Angriffskrieg schritte. Solche Sprengköpfe würden allerhöchstens das Drohpotenzial Israels bedrohen, so, wie das lange im Kalten Krieg als „Gleichgewicht des Schreckens“ der Fall war.

Warum also?

Eine allgemeine Antwort wäre in der marxistischen Erkenntnis der Kriegslüsternheit des „Kapitals“ im Krisenfalle zu suchen. Aber etwas konkreter wäre schon gut. Da haben wir zuerst das kleine Land Israel, von dem ein normaler Mensch zuvörderst annehmen sollte, dass es vor Allem an einem interessiert sein sollte, am Frieden. Aber da der Zionismus nicht vom „Transfer“-Traum abgerückt ist, sich zunehmender Kritik in der „Weltgemeinschaft“ ausgesetzt sieht, auch immer mehr fortschrittliche und friedliebende Juden der Diaspora in die wachsende allzu berechtigte Kritik an Israel einstimmen und ihr psychologische Legitimation verleihen, weiß man auf der Basis dieser Ideologie, er wird nur durchführbar sein, wenn man der Welt eine akute Bedrohungssituation vorgaukeln kann. Dafür böte ein regionaler Flächenbrand, der nicht nur andere Staaten der Region, sondern auch die Palästinenser in seinen Sog ziehen würde, eine „passable“ Gelegenheit, zumal, wenn man weiß, dass regional einem militärisch „keiner kann“. Man würde also aus „präventiven“ Gründen den Iran bombardieren, Solidarität in der islamischen Welt anfachen, könnte die Syrer, vielleicht andere Staaten und die Hisbollah und palästinensische Gruppen zu Militäraktionen anstacheln und müsste halt die „Bedrohung“ in der Westbank „wegschaffen“.

Da sich bei solcher zuerst regionalen Krise der Erdölpreis erhöhen würde, dieser in Dollar entrichtet werden muss, würde dieses die Dollarnachfrage enorm ankurbeln, etwas, an dem die USA natürlich Interesse haben. Dass diese Krise sich wieder in der Nachbarschaft Europas abspielen würde, eine Einbindung Großbritanniens Europa ins Visier konventioneller iranischer Raketen rücken könnte, fein fürs US-Imperium. Und vergessen wir eben nicht: „seven countries in five years“! Das sich die USA bös verrechnen könnten, nicht nur hinsichtlich der Kosten (sie haben schon jede Menge Kosten für ihre imperialen Kriege „am Hals“), sondern vielleicht auch ernster Schritte seitens Russlands und Chinas wegen, steht auf einem anderen Blatt. Besorgniserregender Weise ist aber das US-Kapital zunehmend auf Katastrophen aus, wie man ganz hervorragend und sehr ausführlich bei Naomi Klein ( nachlesen kann.

Fünf vor Zwölf

Bedenken wir also, die „Rationalität“ der Mächtigen in den genannten Ländern ist eine andere als die „Rationalität“ normaler friedliebender Menschen. Diejenigen, die an Gerechtigkeit, Ausgleich und Frieden interessiert sind, müssen auch in dieser Frage ihre Stimme erheben. Am Ausgangspunkt dieses Protestes muss aber der Protest gegen die Wahrheitsverdrehung der „existenziellen Bedrohung Israels“ stehen. Auf dieser haarsträubenden Lüge basiert das Gebäude der Kriegspropaganda. Die Medien spielen diese Melodie in Trommelfell zerfetzender Weise. Ja, Israel könnte auf Dauer bedroht sein, nämlich durch die perverse Logik jener Fanatiker, denen mehr als Dreiviertel von Palästina nicht genug sind. Wenn wir diese Fanatiker attackieren, und dann mit einem pervertierten „Antisemitismus“-Vorwurf beworfen werden, dann wissen wir den aufrechten Mahner gegen diesen Irrsinn, den israelischen Professor Moshe Zuckermann, an unserer Seite: und  Auch die israelische Zeitung HAARETZ kann bei diesen Plänen nur von Wahnsinn schreiben ( Vergessen sollten wir aber eben nicht, über die wirkliche Möglichkeit zum Krieg wird in den USA entschieden.

Andreas Schlüter

Hoffen wir und handel wir dafür, dass Jimmy Cliff nicht die neue Version seines alten Vietnamsongs bald um einen weiteren Ländernamen ergänzen muss:!