Mit ‘RFK’ getaggte Beiträge


On June 5th Senator Robert Kennedy was murdered – being very successful in preparing his campaign for presidential elections. Since 50 years the narrative is upheld that the Palestinian Sirhan Sirhan would have fired the deadly shots from the front that hit RFK from behind. It´s the same weird type of story as it is told about his brother, JFK, being deadly hit from the front by a shot fired from behind out of the „School Book Depository“ (

Now there´s no doubt that Sirhan Sirhan was present and firing shots. But he was in a condition possibly linked to Project_MKUltra practices. Moreover there are many hints concerning a second shooter, also brought forward by John_Pilger, a witness to the assassination. Actually the son of the assassinated RFK, Robert_F_Kennedys_jr_thinks_so. It appears just too probable that RFK became the victim of USA´s „Deep_State“, just like his brother almost five years before.

Is it important to deal with that 50 year old mystery? Yes, it is! If the well based assumptions are true, it would give a frightening picture of the USA´s real power structure. Taking the ongoing concentration of wealth and power of that formation, we can be sure that they have become even more ruthless and and violent, for which Nine_Eleven might be the most frightening proof!

Andreas Schlüter

PS: 6th of June, „D-Day shouldn´t be forgotten“:

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