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The struggle against the furious globalized neoliberal Capitalism is getting more complicated as the US Empire is developing more sophisticated means_of_fragmentation. Those forces also inject a rumor here and a rumor there to split the forces of liberation and too many of us are readily jumping on the bandwagon. We´re too easily getting involved into minor conflicts about tertiary contradictions and the Empire is secretly jubilating.

Let´s concentrate on the main contradictions. The US Neocon Power Elite is stepping up its war_preparations, militarily and psychologically. They do everything to portray the resisting countries as the „Axis of Evil“ whereas they themselves represent the Empire of evil. That does not mean that the resisting countries are without defects, but the more the imperial efforts succeed the lesser are the chances of those societies to sort out their own problems. Perceived „Leftists“ who hailed the destruction_of_Libya for example like the German „Green Party“ played the foolish henchmen of the Empire.

No doubt, Russia and China have their internal problems with social justice and freedom and we shouldn´t mystify them, but the Empire wants us to be fixated on those problems inside the two countries. In Europe quite a number of „leftists“ get befuddled by those internal problems but get blinded about the fact that US strategy is preparing Europe to be the battle_ground_against_Russia.

We should never forget that the think tanks of the US Empire work on extermination_programs and are getting ahead with them. Central_Africa_has_lost more than ten million people by US backed murderous actions during the last quarter of a Century. In fact Colonialism_is_still_going_strong everywhere. The US lead Western machinations lead to the deaths of more millions in Middle East.

Saudi Arabia and Israel with the US Power Elite are working on pushing the Palestinians „off the table“ as they are working on destroying Yemen. And they´re preparing for war against Iran (which might be far from being an ideal society, but does that count in face of pending total destruction?).We should be well aware of the long term (though planned to be done in „five years“) plan to destroy seven_countries.

The Palestinians are about to be wiped_off_their_land. And anybody trying to exercise solidarity with them is dubbed „Anti-Semite“ (though the majority of the Semites are Arabs). At times the solidarity forces are looking eagerly for „Anti-Semites“ in their own ranks and get trapped by intruded „hear says“.

Unleashed Capitalist profiteering is driving Climate Change and endangering millions if not billions of lives, but the Empire tries to „solve the problem“ of „over population“ by human mass extinction (see US think tanks). A left movement must be aware of all these maneuvers if it wants to successfully lead the resistance against those forces.

Leftists must be aware how Edward_Bernays taught the powerful how_to_manipulate_societies_and_politicians, they must be aware how tricky and ruthless the powerful wage their_psychological_warfare and produce infights_to_destroy_the_left. An important aim for The US Power Elite is to to_hide_the_class_struggle_by_the_race_war_concept.

In all these activities they apply a whole number of concepts to exercise manipulative_influence on movements. They even recruit_people_openly for infiltration. It´s many times about demoralizing_the_mind. And the fragmentation of the mind is the key instrument of the powerful to keep people in servility, see and hear the German Psychologist Rainer Mausfeld on the issue (English subtitles):

All groups fighting for a world more just and more peaceful and fighting against the „Deep State“ and the US Neocon Power Elite should be watchful about the attempts to turn one of us against the other and making us waste our time with in fights instead of fighting the true enemy of mankind. We have to learn a lot for 2018!

Andreas Schlüter


A Quotation We Should Never Forget!“

My articles on the USA:


For someone dealing with political analysis for decades it is no secret: this world is full of conspiracies! If you´re familiar with researches on Primates you know, it´s our evolutionary heritage at least since the common ancestor of us and the Chimpanzees! Furthermore the power over what is “true” and what not is an important element of power as such: “the Sun is circulating around the Earth, Galileo, mind this”! So the struggle for truth is a constitutional element of the struggle for Democracy, Social Justice and Liberty as such.

This struggle has developed, but those people in power have also developped many manipulative techniques. They have been able to distort the perception of Democracy, of women´s Liberation, of Human Rights as such in a way, that they´ve been able to make good people applaud when whole nations are bombed to ashes in the name of Democracy and Human Rights as show the examples of Libya and Syria. And they have developed the techniques to let an aggression appear as a defense.

“Too many” people still skeptic

The commercial media in the Western countries are almost entirely woven into the capitalist web and doing anything else but revealing the truth and help the people to understand this world. They are rather propaganda agencies of the powerful. Nevertheless there are “too many people” not ready to be blindfolded and ready to let their logics work. Those ones getting deeper into the analysis are a “big danger”, when they tend to infect other people with justified skepticism. “What to do?”, said the powerful ones and found another “brilliant” trick, founded on Psychology, a science truly designed to help power keep itself up, well, or to sell, which gets to the same end!

How do you condition dogs? You get them feel uncomfortable when they getting near something which you don´t want them to get near or to eat. If you can throw publications into the game, which contain the truth on one side and make people feel so uncomfortable (more than at times the truth does make them feel anyway) that they´ll avoid the truth in the future and dismiss it. If you choose the “right” method you can even make those ones “impossible” who seriously try to spread insight. Dump productions with truth contained with uncomfortable effects into the net. The targets are not those ones knowing or “smelling” it already, but those ones who need to be made to understand. Those people having come already to see the “real thing” will be so glad that they find their conclusions inside, that they don´t realize the poison. That will hit those ones to be convinced. They need to get a “vaccination” against the truth.

Impressive Examples

You have a former Secret Service member being maltreated and driven into a problematic situation of her psychic condition. Give her a “frame” to tell the truth that makes her appear totally weird and being a psychiatric case. Arrange her with an absurd background and let her be introduced by someone being perceived like a clown. Independent analysts will see: yes, she speaks the truth! Then they´ll pass that to people who should understand. By then the effect will turn out. What are you presenting to me? Such a clownish performance! I should take that serious? All these “Conspiracy Theorists” are crazy!

 Susan Lindauer will probably not know what the effects are (hopefully), but those ones arranging for her know! Look at but don´t spread it willing to convince people, since you´d reach the opposite (without respective warnings):


Maybe a stronger dope is necessary. There´s a guy many times revealing very true facts or very plausible analysis, but the guy is producing a “horrible” vibration, aggressive and with a voice that could be used in Guantanamo for torture! He should know how to appear convincing, but his communication is driving at the opposite. The guy is Alex Jones of whom I don´t believe he would not to be conscious of his performance´s effect:


Another strange case is that of Paul Hellyer (, former Canadian Minister of Defence, who delivers a very correct analysis of US politics framed by an UFO Story which can at least be named „highly controversial“. No matter how one judges the question of UFO sights, this appears as an attempt (possibly unwillingly) to smear the very necessary disclosure of US conspiracies against mankind with „fantastic SF stories“ and thus „contaminating“ them and rendering them „absurd“, giving the chance to manipulators  when confronted with that truth to yell: „ah, you say the same as that weird UFO apologist“!

The Serious Ones

We´re living in the times of “YouTube” but many times printed analyses are more serious. But nevertheless you have very serious presentations on YouTube as well by scientists, among them a whole number from the “Truther Movement”. But a really great example of a serious presentation is the Swiss Historian Dr. Daniele Ganser ( Watch his presentation on “Nine Eleven”:

Andreas Schlüter