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Obviously climate change pushes extraordinary Hurricanes notoriously wrecking normal houses. There should be a consequence in rebuilding homes in the regions affected, like the Caribbeans and Pacific Islands. The shape of a pyramid seems to be the propper solution. Where the roofs of “normal” houses allows the storm to get a grip on them, the pyramid shape would rather have the storm press the house to the ground. Windows should be easily covered by movable plates. It all should be checked by physicists in a wind channel!

Andreas Schlüter

Links on some researches and articles:

Science Daily on roof shapes:


It shouldn´t be built like this pyramid with many weak points (it´s not just the shape, but also the materials):

Other solutions:

Dome structure:

This one isn´t dwelling too much on the shape:

A nice graphic inside to show the way wind forces work:

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