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I concede Obama the wish to implement some of his announced „Change“ when taking office. But soon he found out that a US President is far from being the „most powerful man on earth“, but rather at best the most glamorous man! He saw – as every President does since Kennedy´s assassination either before or after inauguration – that there are much more powerful people behind „the veil“, the „Deep_State“, the Military Industrial Complex, the true US Power Elite. Thus he decided not to become „a second Kennedy“ but rather obeyed that faction of the US Power Elite (which is at times at logger heads among itself about strategic and tactic questions) which is most influential at the respective moment. Obviously he has decided on “the last meters of his Presidency” to make himself the complete fool of the Neocons.

Will the Tiger the President Elect Pretends to be End up as a Carpet as Well?


Trump started with a number of ugly comments and positions but had the correct understanding that the aggressive confrontation of US policy (more and more under control of the Neocons again) personalized by Hillary Clinton could pulverize us all (including himself) in a WW III scenario (which the Neocons believe they could restrict to Russia and China). He moreover saw the industrial past of the US being the basis of its power and wants to revise the almost total dependence of the US on finance industry in favor of a re-industrialization. He has a clear understanding that the „Regime Change“ wars create a lot of problems for the US as such. With those positions he got elected according to rules and regulations in the US.

He´s thus in a deadly confrontation with the Neocons over war policy against Russia and interventionism (which are beloved Neocon projects). Taking in some of the hardcore militarists will not end that confrontation.

The Change Within the “Change”


Sound people knew from the beginning that Trump´s “care” for the “small people” wasn´t that serious and there´s personal in his team and positions indicating that again, including a whole number of people near to the Neocons. Much of his choice might already have been influenced by growing sorrow for a more massive confrontation. What appears to contrast most to his slogan “make America great again” is his stand towards Israel and the country´s illegal occupation policy. The Obama administration has now set up a mild symbol of criticism of that policy by making the declaration of UN´s Security Council possible. At once Trump signaled his support for Israel which again and again has demonstrated total disregard for US positions on the Palestinian question. He is not shy to go against this step of US policy which was long overdue. What does he expect to gain?

Is Trump´s Struggle for Survival Already in Full Swing?


The answer might be very simple: he´s now fully aware of the confrontation´s deadly nature. Already somehow being dubbed “Putin´s agent” he sees his announced Détente towards Russia been sabotaged by new sanctions and diplomatic confrontations on the side of the Obama administration including the announcement of harsher measures even. And the Russian_plane_crash will be interpreted by him (like by clear analysts including myself) as orchestrated by the “Deep State” of the US – a “measure” as demanded by the Clinton supporter and former high ranking CIA man Morell. This has surely alarmed him more.

Since he´s an unprincipled person he´s got no problem with selling out the Palestinians rights in order to please AIPAC and more important Israel´s government. He expects that this might gain him MOSSAD´s protection. Seen from his position he needs “allied troops”. It could turn out that in the end the Neocons and Israel´s Power Elite are so close that he´ll find himself under full control of both ending up as a carpet!

But we shouldn´t believe the US and the World would be better of with Clinton and her Neocon gang – which has already declared_Biowar on the Southern Hemisphere! At least the Détente with Russia – provided he can manage that – might save us from the worst. All in all we have to conclude: the US Power Elite is the most dangerous force in this World. People outside the US as well as inside the US have to learn this and build up against it!

Andreas Schlüter



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Soon a new US President will be elected to be in office, not „in Power“. It appears that we´ll be confronted with a great hype around „the first female US President“, creating illusions with many people like after Obama´s election.

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Andreas Schlüter

The State of Global Affairs


Division of the World by the US Military

Everyone who is not totally blinded by the advertising mainstream media can see certain things clearly about US politics directed by the US Power Elite:

Obvious are the Western imperial and colonial wars against Africa, Near and Middle East. Obvious is the collaboration of Saudi Arabia and Qatar with the US to destabilize and push Islamist militant fanaticism for example threatening to tear Nigeria apart. Obvious is also the aim to get Africa under US military control by the colonial institution US AFRICOM to handle the problems the US and their Islamist allies have created.

Obvious should also be the usage of African henchmen like Paul Kagame to plunder DR Congo (which led to more than six million dead Congolese in the last twenty years, see Obvious is also the brutal desire to plunge countries like Libya into a barbaric chaos and end the positive impulses the former regime gave to the efforts for more African economic independence. The same tactics they apply in their desire to destroy Syria. And their efforts to create chaos and repression they apply around the World, especially in Latin America and also in parts of Asia and Eastern Europe. It is all meant to prevent non-Western countries to choose their trade partners freely and to make the best use of their recourses for themselves. And the US Power Elite wants to hinder those countries to trade and cooperate with their “main enemies”, China and Russia (

Thus they are also not sparing Europe because their great fear is that Europe gets closer into cooperation with Russia and China (see the “Iron Silk Road” connecting via rail China with the great Duisburg harbor).


And thus the US Power Elite is not at all sad about the economic and social pressure in Europe by the many, many refugees they created by their operations to destabilize and destroy countries. The EU may break up before five years have passed. Well, Experts in Africa, Asia/Russia and Latin America might see this clearly.

Rebuilding America´s Defenses”, “Nine Eleven” and Biological Warfare

Africa, the whole Southern Hemisphere, East Asia and all non-Western countries should be alarmed! The democratic masquerade in the USA can not blind the political analyst to the fact that there is a „Deep State“ in the US, run by the Super rich as well as by the heads of „intelligence“ and military (what US President Eisenhower those day called “the Military Industrial Complex”).

This US Power Elite may count between 50 and 100 persons in deed deciding were US politics will lead. Despite all differences between the „Soft Power“ faction (which is an Orwellian name since those are also not shy to strangulate whole economies) and the Neocons (who like the military boot on the ground) about tactical questions ( they are united in the fierce determination to gain or keep full control of the World. Moreover it´s more and more obvious that the Neocons are even to a high extend in control of the US government based on the Democratic Party. And the Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton is in fact the Neoncon spearhead in the Democratic Party. She brought Victoria Nuland (quote: “fuck the EU”) into the Obama administration. Nuland is the wife of Robert Kagan. Kagan is co-founder of the neoconservativeProject for the New American Century“. 

Anyway, a US President is in office, not in power. The Deep State is the decisive force which is obvious at least since Kennedy´s assassination ( A bit more complicated are things in the Near East, since another “player” plays his limited part, Israel´s Power Elite ( but the global situation is clearly dominated by US politics.

It is crucial for all people who don´t want being dominated by this self appointed small number of “World Rulers” to understand the guide lines, paradigms and strategies of the Neocon dominated US Power Elite to the full extend. In fact the closest military and intelligence association in this World are the notorious “Five Eyes” (, the coalition of the USA, GB, Canada, Australia and New Zealand, all of them countries whose power elites consider themselves (predominantly) White Anglo Saxon Protestant (WASP), the World must consider them the “Club for maintaining White World Dominance”!


The dominant Neocon faction of the US Power Elite started planning monstrous deeds already in 2000 (in deed even earlier). There is a paper by the already mentioned Neocon “Project for the New American Century” issued in September 2000 (among the authors Paul Wolfowitz) under the name “Rebuilding America´s Defenses”:

It is strange enough that one can find on page 51 something that sounds like the announcement of “Nine Eleven”. After talking about the difficulties to “sell” to the Western public after the end of the Cold War the stepping up of armament one reads: Further, the process of transformation, even if it brings revolutionary change, is likely to be a long one, absent some catastrophic and catalyzing event – like a new Pearl Harbor. Not too astonishing for those who have studied the absurdities of the “official narrative” about the event. Anyway, Nine Eleven was used to legitimize the “War on Terror” which is in reality a war of terror against the Southern Hemisphere and against civil rights. It did not only kill hundreds of thousands but polluted whole regions by depleted Uranium. The effect is similar to the pollution of Vietnam by “Agent Orange” during the Vietnam War.


What is overall alarming is to be found on page 60 of that paper: “And advanced forms of biological warfare that can “target” specific genotypes may transform biological warfare from the realm of terror to a politically useful tool.

This is a real fascist and racist concept and the direct continuation of those days Apartheid Regime´s concept of biological “Race War” in South Africa, manifested in the “Project Coast” under the notorious Wouter Basson. The contrast to the declarations of US politics of defending Human Rights, Democracy and Freedom couldn´t be greater!

The more or less Hidden Agenda

Actually the covert strategy of the US Power Elite doesn´t only aim at destabilizing and destroying states if they do not totally submit themselves under US control, but it aims at depopulating whole areas of this World. What this “elite” is seeing are coming recourse scarcity and climate collapse. The problem surfaced already for the “Club of Rome”. The Southern Hemisphere has paid for an enormous technical progress in the industrial countries (millions of dead people by slave trade and colonial wars, starvation, super exploitation), but now the Southerners also want their share.

Trying to avoid recourse wars and climate collapse could actually be managed by a more just and fair world order and by ending Western “over consumption” and waste, which would mean in the final analysis some sort of ecological oriented Socialism, cooperating closely with other countries on a basis of mutual understanding..

Such a solution is definitely not to the taste of the US Power Elite and their allies within the “Five Eyes”. They view the problem from another perspective. Anyway, their “scientific helpers” do a lot to deny climate change but that doesn´t mean the Power Elite wouldn´t be aware of it, but are just trying to prevent the majority from the awareness that social action against wild gone neoliberal capitalism is necessary. As said, they themselves are surely aware of the problem.

Today the problem shows itself more acute because science is now more aware of mechanisms of climate change. If world temperature rises four or five degrees it could make the hitherto enormous amount of frozen Methane Hydrate deep in the oceans come up and lead to another five degree warming which would finally damage world climate, because Methane is much more affecting climate than even Carbon Dioxide. Because of such a process the great mass extinction at the end of perm age might have emerged.

Those times an enormous area of volcanoes in what is Siberia today raised World temperature for about five degrees and then led to the coming up of Methane Hydrate. The result was the named Permian mass extinction:


What obviously is the solution in the minds of the Neocons is depopulation policy towards the Southern Hemisphere and East Asia. The West was medially bashing China for its “One Child Policy” (which might have been inspired by Milton Friedman´s “Chicago Boys” influencing Deng Xiaoping´s government in China). But the Western Elites like playing double games and there are growing concepts for depopulation policy, which were surfacing already in the “Kissinger Report” (, further links see down at the end). So the paragraph on page 60 of “Rebuilding America´s Defenses” is the “consequent” step of the Neocons to “solve” the problem “their way” by a strategy of depopulation towards the Southern Hemisphere and East Asia. In the light of these concepts the recent epidemic outbreaks like HIV, Ebola, SARS and Zika makes one ponder whether they really came up “naturally” ( See also:

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Looking into an abyss: „Ebola: Pandora´s Box Opened Since Long?“

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Obviously the US Power Elite is choosing the way of Fascism (in this case not the well known type with well known symbols, but “Corporate Fascism”) to solve the problems with the pending risks. They are not interested in a cooperative solution to mankind´s problems. All declarations coming from US politics are thus valueless. No doubt that not only the majority of US citizens might in the end be peace loving people, no doubt even that many in the state apparatus and the US government are not (fully) aware of those monstrous designs and concepts and blinded by the “Terror Narrative”. Often decision makers in other parts of the World are confronted with partially good willing representatives of the “Empire”, which could create illusions.

The deep analysis nevertheless shows the real extend of the dangers coming from the US Power Elite. Those ones know since long how to use innocent people of their own country not being aware of the final aims. The basic principle is the paradigm of “covert ops” is: “need to know. It is in the end like with modern production, hardly anyone knows all about the product to be produced. We have to be clear that the degrading term “Conspiracy Theory” and “Conspiracy Theorist”, now widely used, was in its negative connotation maybe not an invention of the CIA, but was „popularized“ to smear the skeptics towards the cover up of Kennedy´s assassination ( In fact we have a monumental conspiracy which could cost the lives of the majority of mankind!

If all this is true, the World needs an Anti-Fascist alliance to counter these dangers. The BRICS states have much potential (despite internal social problems) and many countries of the Southern Hemisphere might be well advised to intensify cooperation with them and other countries struggling to get out of “Big Brother´s” grip. It could be dangerous for the time since US “intelligence” knows how to create “Terror”, but the alternative might be to totally fall victim to those concepts. Against those concepts not only military and intelligence cooperation is needed but also published analysis meant to reach the majority in Western countries, because the “games” of the US Power Elite are also meaning great hazard for them.

Andreas Schlüter

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It´s an open secret that US secret services were in many folded ways not only involved in assassination plans but even in real assassinations of heads of foreign states considered being obstacles to US politics. Convincing hints do exist that the “Military Industrial Complex” of the USA in Kennedy´s case even went so far as to “remove” the own president from the scene ( Since then precisely US Presidents themselves know that this “complex” decides over life and death of a US President. Every US President must know that he´s not the “most powerful man on Earth”, but just “the most glamorous man on Earth”, being the executer and the mask of the true power.

The Unholy Alliance

This “complex” warned of already by Eisenhower in his famous farewell address (, was and is highly flexible in choosing instruments of personal and institutional kind and dropping them as well. Saddam Hussein, Manuel Noriega and many others had to experience this. This applies as well for whole groups and nations in both directions. As this complex had in the person of Henry Ford a practicing anti-Semitic (in the sense of Anti-Judaism since the majority of Semites are Arabs) protagonist in course of time the “1%” choose Israel (the “unsinkable aircraft carrier”) and that kind of hardcore Zionism which totally negates Existence and rights of the Palestinians. They converted Israel and its policy into their “laboratory” in Near East. Furthermore they manipulated vast parts of the Diaspora into blind, panicking and unconditional Identification with that state, training it to become their “mad bulldog”, modifying the “Madman theory” (, which was developed under Nixon and Kissinger. They linked important parts of the Diaspora with ultra conservative “Evangelicals” to form them into a militant auxiliary troop especially for the neoconservative Republicans. Part of this strategy was also the hiding of the differences between the interests of the “Military Industrial complex” of the US and that of Israel which are actually existing. But now the “1%” of the US is confronted with those citizens putting “Israel first”.

<On this blog has been mentioned many a times that luckily and thankfully observed more and more parts of the Diaspora are leading a furious fight against the occupation of the Shoah and of the Jewish world as such by Zionism and Israel´s colonialist and racist policy>

A Big Bang

A couple of days ago the editor of the „Atlanta Jewish Times“, Andrew B. Adler, has revealed that the “Military Industrial complex” of Israel might have learned from its US counterpart and that MOSSAD might think “what the US boys can do we could for long” ( He had stated that Obama´s “soft” stand on Iran could make it necessary for MOSSAD to liquidate the President in order to let the Vice as the successor protect Israel in a “sufficient” way. How the mental constitution of the “talkative” has to be judged could only be decided on what had be the aim of the “coup”. The fact that the man has hastily apologized, has stepped back as editor and is willing to sell the paper is not really revealing the true purpose of the action.

For, against, at or of?

The text does not present the author as Obama´s fan and it reads not as if his desire would be to warn Obama of the MOSSAD, so really caring for him. It seems possible that a warning is directed at Obama in case the man believes that the Military Industrial complex of the US is the sole and only one to decide the fate of a US President. On the other side the publication wouldn´t have made things “easier” for the MOSSAD “in case”…, which could have its reason in the fact that the warning is the important thing, not the fulfillment. Nevertheless it´s known since Kennedy that in such cases things are “well organized” and a “Patsy” or more of them will be “at hand”. It would possibly be a “brave” assumption that the author could also be in the service of the true US power and the warning could be directed at the MOSSAD not to spoil the home game of the US “complex”, since it is obviously faring well with a “tamed” President who´s “forgetting” much of his “change” and by and large functioning well as the Empire´s mask.

„The Chicken come home to roost“

These were Malcolm X´s uncouth words on Kennedy´s assassination. By them he wanted to express that the brutal methods of US foreign policy (see the murder of Lumumba) had returned home as methods of US domestic policy. It would be possible that the Near East clone of the US becoming more and more independent could mirror it´s masters attitudes also in such an action. The assassinations of Iranian scientists point to that direction. Seemingly some methods developed in the Near East “laboratory” are coming back as nowadays “standard procedures” of the US like selective killings by drones.


For one thing thanks have to go to the editor of the „Atlanta Jewish Times“ anyway: he´s (most possibly unwillingly) struck a heavy blow to the mainstream media label “Conspiracy Theory” which is so arrogantly and cynically smeared to those ones insisting on the experience that socio-political and geostrategic conflicts always resort to conspiracies. He´s ridiculed the ridiculers.

Andreas Schlüter

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Without doubt there are people with obsessions concerning the death or otherwise fate of people converted into a hero media wise. The reasons for Tutankhamun or even of “Lady Di” deaths are of no up to little relevance for present day´s world. Very different is the case of Kennedy´s assassination. Why?

The sole Empire in the true sense left

After the end of WW II the USA was the only capitalist Empire left and – even if one would class the Soviet Union an (non capitalist) Empire – after the end of the Cold War it was and is definitely the only left Empire, irrespective of the fact that there are other powers emerging. If the US are not what it pretends to be, a true democracy, then that would be an alarming situation; and really worry, it is not or no more since long! And those forces which rule are not just the well known forces of simple wealth and more extended knowledge or even of simple and open brutality as common in history. The forces which have eroded the democracy and taken over power were already named by Kennedy and the president preceding him, Eisenhower. But listen to their words:

Blue into orange!

Again and again we were dumped with the official theories on JFK´s assassination, the single shooter, officially being identified as Lee Harvey Oswald, shooting from the school book depository behind and obviously hitting JFK from the front! Even this simple fact of the shot coming from the front can be seen on the “Zapruder film” showing clearly the force coming from the front and pushing the president´s head back:

And even many reports questioning the official theory are ignoring the clear evidence where from the shot really has come in favor of obscure dark spots on photos on the grassy hill where to even people tried to escape after the shooting. The shot came from the sewage system as it is excellently proven:

So, if obvious facts are distorted and blue turned into orange, for what purpose? And why are people working out the evidence of the shot from the front being ignored? Was or is there only a conspiracy to cover up the truth inside the US or was there a conspiracy to kill the president on the side of forces inside the US? If there was a conspiracy to cover the fact that a foreign conspiracy has led to the murder of the president, a conspiracy to prevent the incident to turn into a war, all reasons to keep it up are gone. The only reason to carry on with this masquerade can lie in the fact that the assassination was an “inside job”! The distortion of facts is the result of a conspiracy in order to cover up a US based conspiracy against the president. The people conspiring must necessary be located in high ranking levels, exactly in that strata warned of by JFK as well as Eisenhower. Also about those dark circles excellent research work has been done by Russ Baker (also reported here previously: Involved is obviously the Bush clan, precisely “Poppy” Bush, George H. Bush, former CIA director and later President ( His son, George W. Bush, carried on with conspiracies, manipulating and lying. Those two presidencies were the two cases where the hidden forces had “their men” directly in office, with no hidden indirect strings necessary! But at last too many people saw the brutality of imperial greed openly personified in the son, George W. Bush. Another face, another type of personality was needed as the “face to represent” the pseudo democratic US Empire.

So which “Change”?

Since the murder of Kennedy the true power in the US is obvious to those who want to see. And since that US presidents know. It alarmed even “tricky Dick”, Richard Nixon, that there was a force deciding over the fate of a US President. His demands to get insight into the secret files on JFK´s assassination were simply ignored (see “Family of Secrets”, page 244 following). At least when got into office US presidents get aware of that sad truth pretty soon. But generally spoken the two established parties are deeply woven into the spider net of the true power of the super rich and their military industrial secret service complex. Obama might really have had some changes in mind when he struggled to become the “first black President” of the US. But even when he still had a clear majority he was hesitating to bring proclamations into existence. It is pretty clear that a real change could only be based on an alternative leftist movement forming into a political party potent enough, as those days Jesse Jackson ( tried with his “rainbow coalition” unfortunately in vain.

No change without extended struggle and “sovereignty”

Before the background of the said it is clear that the ominous network behind the scene will not give up and already the treatment of the “occupy movement” with extended police brutality, the manipulations of the right to vote and the new legislation ( show the fierce determination of the named forces. That does not mean that there couldn´t be different views and concept inside that network, it is surely not totally monolithic, but there are “red lines” concerning its power for which transgressions a US President will have to pay a high price. And there is reasonable fear that they might even unlash some sort of US fascism to defend their rule. The Nazis had a cynic view on “sovereignty”, stating “sovereign is who declares the state of emergency”, the new formulation would be “sovereign is who decides over the US President´s (and other President´s) death”! And sovereign is who decides who´s going to survive of the nation in “case of the worst”, but that´s another story.

Andreas Schlüter

Irrespective of the mystification of John F. Kennedy by a number of people it has to be said that most probably he was the last US President who felt a certain obligation to world peace though not being a „saint“ at all as to be seen on many occasions. He did not only take the civil rights question a little more serious than his predecessors, he stopped the sliding into atomic war danger, but he also stopped the “home terror plans” of his chiefs of staffs (, thus refusing to invade Cuba and thus setting borders to the “Military Industrial complex” of which his predecessor Eisenhower had already warned. There are many indications that that this complex reacted by putting that president “off”. The answer to the question whether they did so raises the question for the real power in the US and the question what is to be expected from it.

Frightening details in connection to this question and the connection of the Bush clan and the Kennedy murder were revealed in the book “Family of Secrets” ( by the investigative journalist Russ Baker ( as been reported on this blog before (, in German). Former director of the CIA and former US President George H. Bush (nick name “Poppy”) played a shocking role in this drama. Among his friends was George de Mohrenschild, Russian émigré, geologist in the oil field and CIA man.

The deadly shot and the shooters

De Mohrenschild (, was a „fatherly friend” to Lee Harvey Oswald, “official” murderer of Kennedy. Which role Oswald ever may have played, whether introduced and integrated into the game by de Mohrenschild as a simple toy for confusion („I´m a patsy“) or as one of the shooters, he can´t have fired the deadly shot as a film documentation convincingly reveals: There are also very strong indications for more shooters again: An eye witness to such additional shooters died under very dubious circumstances: After all it appears that the deadly shot came from the sewage System:!

De Mohrenschild in course lateron became very talkative which may have lead to his strange “suicide” ( just before he was to be questioned again. By the way, Russ Baker was not the first to write about a connection of George H. Bush to the Kennedy assassination (

Addition: strange enough a number of the included links are „no more working“!

Andreas Schlüter