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Today is the funeral of a great sportsman and a great personality: Muhammad Ali. I was watching the ceremony on TV when I had the feeling I had to quit. I didn´t quit because I´d refuse to honour the man, but I felt to quit IN ORDER to honour him. I really respect the man who risked damaging his carreer by refusing to join the colonial war of the US in Vietnam. That was a brave deed. The “father” of this bravery was in a way Malcolm X. Due to Malcom´s teachings in frame of the Nation of Islam he also changed his birth name Cassius Marcellus Clay, Jr. Into Muhammad Ali.


In 1964 Malcolm broke with the Nation of Islam and became a Sunni but also understood the necessity to join with the general black struggle independent from religion. Muhammad refused to join him in this step of quitting the Nation of Islam and even refused to talk to him again, which he lateron bitterly regretted as one of the greatest mistakes in his life. And on the 21st of February 1965 Malcolm was assassinated.

Without the Great Teacher

The dissapearance of the great teacher in his life didn´t hinder Muhammad Ali to be a great sportsman and a great personality also engaging socially in a remarkable way. But it „allowed“ him to do things which are to me in no way admirable. He agreed to let Joseph Mobutu , the dictator of Zaire, the former (and today´s) Congo, and US henchman have his boxing show, dubbed The Rumble in the Jungle„, what a terrible racist smear! That show was to the advantage of a dictator who was deply involved into the toppling and later murder of the great Patrice Lumumba, one of the great African hopes (


In fact with his brave personality he did many good things like supporting Palestinian refugees, negotiating successfully on the release of American hostages in Iraq and after acquiring Parkinson’s syndrome he did a lot in that field as well. But he didn´t have the insight to see how the „learning system“ of US Imperialism is occupying brave people who have resisted Imperialism after a while. It pains me for example to see him on a photo joking with Reagan!


It pains me to see him on his website say about Prince Charles and Camilla:


Maybe there´s something with the quote of him: „I said I was the greatest, not the smartest!“ (

What really infuriates me: Occupying the Heroes!


What now really drove me mad and infuriated me was seeing the hall and the US flag and knowing it will be made an „all American event“ claimed by the real rulers of the US. It will be used to nourish the illusion of the „post racial society“ which doesn´t exist. It will be used to cover the murderous plans and concepts of the US Power Elite! Muhammad Ali is worldwide honoured for his resistance to the Vietnam War and in fact the dominant Neocon Power Elite has declared Bio Warfare to the „non-white“ World in September 2000:

This Regime is occupying the heroes who have vigilantly fought against that same regime either after their death or when they get old, tired and half blind! A shame!

So I preferred to switch off and silently think by myself:

Muhammad Ali the Great: RIP!

Andreas Schlüter

My articles on the USA:


It´s an open secret that US secret services were in many folded ways not only involved in assassination plans but even in real assassinations of heads of foreign states considered being obstacles to US politics. Convincing hints do exist that the “Military Industrial Complex” of the USA in Kennedy´s case even went so far as to “remove” the own president from the scene ( Since then precisely US Presidents themselves know that this “complex” decides over life and death of a US President. Every US President must know that he´s not the “most powerful man on Earth”, but just “the most glamorous man on Earth”, being the executer and the mask of the true power.

The Unholy Alliance

This “complex” warned of already by Eisenhower in his famous farewell address (, was and is highly flexible in choosing instruments of personal and institutional kind and dropping them as well. Saddam Hussein, Manuel Noriega and many others had to experience this. This applies as well for whole groups and nations in both directions. As this complex had in the person of Henry Ford a practicing anti-Semitic (in the sense of Anti-Judaism since the majority of Semites are Arabs) protagonist in course of time the “1%” choose Israel (the “unsinkable aircraft carrier”) and that kind of hardcore Zionism which totally negates Existence and rights of the Palestinians. They converted Israel and its policy into their “laboratory” in Near East. Furthermore they manipulated vast parts of the Diaspora into blind, panicking and unconditional Identification with that state, training it to become their “mad bulldog”, modifying the “Madman theory” (, which was developed under Nixon and Kissinger. They linked important parts of the Diaspora with ultra conservative “Evangelicals” to form them into a militant auxiliary troop especially for the neoconservative Republicans. Part of this strategy was also the hiding of the differences between the interests of the “Military Industrial complex” of the US and that of Israel which are actually existing. But now the “1%” of the US is confronted with those citizens putting “Israel first”.

<On this blog has been mentioned many a times that luckily and thankfully observed more and more parts of the Diaspora are leading a furious fight against the occupation of the Shoah and of the Jewish world as such by Zionism and Israel´s colonialist and racist policy>

A Big Bang

A couple of days ago the editor of the „Atlanta Jewish Times“, Andrew B. Adler, has revealed that the “Military Industrial complex” of Israel might have learned from its US counterpart and that MOSSAD might think “what the US boys can do we could for long” ( He had stated that Obama´s “soft” stand on Iran could make it necessary for MOSSAD to liquidate the President in order to let the Vice as the successor protect Israel in a “sufficient” way. How the mental constitution of the “talkative” has to be judged could only be decided on what had be the aim of the “coup”. The fact that the man has hastily apologized, has stepped back as editor and is willing to sell the paper is not really revealing the true purpose of the action.

For, against, at or of?

The text does not present the author as Obama´s fan and it reads not as if his desire would be to warn Obama of the MOSSAD, so really caring for him. It seems possible that a warning is directed at Obama in case the man believes that the Military Industrial complex of the US is the sole and only one to decide the fate of a US President. On the other side the publication wouldn´t have made things “easier” for the MOSSAD “in case”…, which could have its reason in the fact that the warning is the important thing, not the fulfillment. Nevertheless it´s known since Kennedy that in such cases things are “well organized” and a “Patsy” or more of them will be “at hand”. It would possibly be a “brave” assumption that the author could also be in the service of the true US power and the warning could be directed at the MOSSAD not to spoil the home game of the US “complex”, since it is obviously faring well with a “tamed” President who´s “forgetting” much of his “change” and by and large functioning well as the Empire´s mask.

„The Chicken come home to roost“

These were Malcolm X´s uncouth words on Kennedy´s assassination. By them he wanted to express that the brutal methods of US foreign policy (see the murder of Lumumba) had returned home as methods of US domestic policy. It would be possible that the Near East clone of the US becoming more and more independent could mirror it´s masters attitudes also in such an action. The assassinations of Iranian scientists point to that direction. Seemingly some methods developed in the Near East “laboratory” are coming back as nowadays “standard procedures” of the US like selective killings by drones.


For one thing thanks have to go to the editor of the „Atlanta Jewish Times“ anyway: he´s (most possibly unwillingly) struck a heavy blow to the mainstream media label “Conspiracy Theory” which is so arrogantly and cynically smeared to those ones insisting on the experience that socio-political and geostrategic conflicts always resort to conspiracies. He´s ridiculed the ridiculers.

Andreas Schlüter

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