Mit ‘Human Rights Imperialism’ getaggte Beiträge

Unbelievable what happened in a quarter of Berlin being famous for its multitude and cultural pluralism! In „Kreuzberg“ the owner of a pub bared his place for Black people – „because of the many drug dealers in nearby Görlitz Park“ – thus equating „black = Dealer“!

The Community had to react, and it did! Organized by the „Initiative Schwarzer Menschen in Deutschland“ (ISD, Initiative of Black People in Germany) on Sunday, 30th of March, a demonstration came up:

Africans, Black Germans, friends of the community and socially minded people gathered. Angry and also very moving words were spoken making clear that if young desperate Africans see no other chance than dealing it does not mean that this is „African“ or representative for „being Black“ and moreover it has to do with their exclusion from society as well as with the terrible situation Africa has been brought in by the West! Univocal the clear message was to be heard: we´re not ready to swallow this! And: finally this incident is only a symptom of institutionalized racism!

The Tip of the Iceberg

And one thing must be clear: as insulting as this despisable incident is, since open racism having struck this multicultural community, even more dangerous is the misery which the „Human Rights Wars“, the new Colonial wars and manipulations by the US led West bring to Africa! The German War Minister von der Leyen announcing „more support“ for Western interventions in Africa is fueling that racism by giving the message, Africans have to be „taken care of“. There lies the broad foundation of the new old anti-black racism!

Some Impressions from the Demonstration

The Place of Shame


People gathering


Tahir Della, ISD


Kwesi Aikins, ISD


Angry Words


Moving Words




… and more People being


disgusted by the Case! The Author as well!

Andreas Schlüter


 the pyromanic Fire Fighters


Check the countries with wars and crisis one by one, all full of Minerals and Oil!

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US AFRICOM, Fuck off:

But, it´s not only Africa, but also Middle East, South East Asia – and East Europe, where these „Fire Fighters“ are active!

And in Germany socalled „Social Democrats“ with Frank Walter Steinmeier (Frankensteinmeier) ahead are on the Train!

Andreas Schlüter