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Europe: There Will be no Peace and no Social Progress Without a Revolution Against US Dominace!

It must be clearly said again: there will be no social progress and no peace in Europe without a revolution against the US dominance!

Hear Paul_Craig_Roberts, former United States Assistant Secretary of the Treasury for Economic Policy in the Reagan administration about the role of the USA in the world:

US politics is not based on Democracy, but dominated by the „Deep_State“, the real Power Elite of the US. That Power Elite is driven by the desire for World dominance and driven by their nightmares! Some of their Neocon Think Tank people like the cynic George_Friedman say very openly what they have in mind with Europe.

Hard time for Europe and particularly Germany to wake up and to see clearly:

No Peace and no Social Progress Without a Revolution Against US Dominace!

Andreas Schlüter

My articles on the USA:


No to War! – Nein zum Krieg!

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Deutschland, Europa: es wird keinen Frieden und keinen sozialen Fortschritt ohne eine Revolution gegen die US-Dominanz geben!

Es soll noch einmal in aller Klarheit gesagt werden: ohne eine Revolution gegen die US-Dominanz wird es keinen sozialen Fortschritt und keinen Frieden in Europa geben! Leider wollen viele Politiker in diesem Lande das offenbar nicht begreifen. Zu den wenigen Klarsichtigen gehören Oskar_Lafontaine:

und Sahra Wagenknecht:

Einen seltenen Talkshow-Glücksfall gab es, als der General a. D. Kujat und der Orient-Spezialist Prof. Günther Meyer in der Phönix-Runde den „personifizierten Inkompetenzen“ zu Syrien „die Karten legten“:

Es braucht dringend mehr Aufrechte und Klarsichtige, die die Nebelwände der Mainstream-Medien zerreißen. Wenn man in Europa nicht aufwacht, wird der „Krieg_gegen_den_Terror“ (der tatsächlich ein Terrorkrieg gegen den Süden und die Bürgerrechte ist) auch von europäischem Boden weitergehen, der einen Feuerring um Europa legt und immer mehr Flüchtlingsströme in Bewegung setzen. Bei kleinster „Widersetzlichkeit“ kann gegen Europa die „Schock-Strategie“ angewandt und „hässliche Ereignisse inszeniert werden, wenn die Agenten des US-Imperiums nicht aus ihren Funktionen entfernt werden.

Wie die US-Machtelite auf Europa schaut, das kann man zum Beispiel von dem Neocon „Think-Tanker“ George Friedman erfahren:

Höchste Zeit, dass wir es lernen:

Kein Frieden und kein Fortschritt ohne Revolution gegen die US-Dominanz!

Andreas Schlüter


Der Einfluss der US-Machtelite auf die Internationale Politik”:

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The political analyst George_Friedman is unbelievable. He is a multi role player. He is an analyst in the service of the US (Neocon) Power Elite, at the same time he gives the highly learned Philosopher and simultaniaously mixes misinformation into blunt truths. In deed he is trying to make himself an icon. And here he “works” as a teacher presumably preparing young people “for life”. What he really does here is transporting the idea that “war is normal” and many “good things” came out of war. What is “normal” you don´t need to fight against, since that is in vain. But see and hear the man yourself:

If you watch this man walking in his arrogance, seemlingly bloated with adrenalin and testosteron, you clearly see the sociopath in his cynicism! What he teaches here is exactly his own cynicism. Should we be happy for the youngsters to swallow this “lesson”? We should fear for the future and do everything to make the youngsters aware that WW III could easily mean the end of this world as we know it!

Andreas Schlüter

US Neocons: Political Analyst George Friedman, a Real Cynic!“:

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Friedman´s “new toy”:

Especially for those ones who´re still naively taking US politics to be a struggle for freedom and democracy I remind you here of two revealing presentations.

An Insider and Critic


The retired US General Wesley_Clark on how he was informed about the Pentagon´s plans to „take down“ the governments of „Seven Countries in five years“ pretty short after „Nine Eleven“:

His last words about the US and Africa are in fact showing some ignorance about the imperial activities (for example US AFRICOM) on that continent. But he´s in fact a serious critic of that imperialist policy. Anyway, the US are „lacking behind“ as far as the „time table“ is concerned!

An Imperial „Thinker“


The founder of Stratfor, George_Friedman, on US politics towards Middle East, Europe and Russia is presenting US designs for Europe´s future wars as a „prediction“:

Mind these words!

Andreas Schlüter


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One should look at a real hypocrite, the „gifted“ founder of Stratfor, the private Neocon company for „political analysis“, George_Friedman. This highly „learned“ man, son of Jewish survivers of East Europe´s Nazi occupation, is in fact betraying the victims of Germany´s monumental crimes. He has sold his soul to the anti-human designs of the Neocon US Power Elite, in fact to „Corporate Fascism“. He knows how to present extended historical knowledge and he knows how to present himself sympathetic to mankind´s fate, even to the large parts of the world invaded by Europe and the West. But to what end?

He displays the conflicts of Europe and its surroundings but carefully leaves out the fact how much his country´s Power Elite, how much the „Deep-State“ of his country contributes to those conflicts. He „predicts“ further – even violent – conflicts in Europe that that Deep State of the US is obviously pushing. He is „brilliantly“ mixing historical knowledge, a number of facts official US policy would never admit, with pure disinformation. The „ordinary“ intellectual will be fascinated and „drink“ his words. A well orchestrated show! But looking into the man´s face I must say, I´ve hardly ever seen more cynicysm in a face, it even beats George W. Bush!

Most revealing to understand the mentality of this man are his praisings of Reagan´s policy. He´s fascinated how Reagan made the people of Iraq and Iran kill each other. But hear the man himself (with care) at the Chicago Council on Foreign Affairs, presenting his book „Flashpoints„:

Andreas Schlüter


Geo-Politics: The Core of Crisis and Chaos and the Nightmares of the US Power Elite“:

Elections: What´s going on in the US?“

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Preface: open Words by the New York Times

On June 7th an article by Eric Lichtblau appeared in the New York Times ( talking about uncountable incidents where „Terror attacks“ were staged to be just prevented in time, numbering such activities as two thirds of all such incidents:

In recent investigations from Florida to California, agents have helped people suspected of being extremists acquire weapons, scope out bombing targets and find the best routes to Syria to join the Islamic State, records show.“

They go even as far as to implicate mentally ill people (which one should bear in mind):

In Rochester, a paid informant went undercover and drove a man suspected of being an Islamic extremist, Emanuel Lutchman, to a Wal-Mart in December to buy a machete, ski masks, zip ties and other supplies for a would-be terrorist attack on New Year’s Eve. Because Mr. Lutchman, a mentally ill panhandler, had no money, the informant covered the $40 cost.“

Well, I´m not astonished about the facts as such but about the openness of the NYT! And the fact that it comes from NYT makes me believe that the percentage might even be much higher! After all the „Deep State“ within the USA ( is famous for „False Flag attacks“, often perpetrated by Operation Gladio. A famous blueprint is Operation Northwoods, a project for terror attacks on US targets outside and inside the US to be blamed on Cuba as a pretext for a full scale invasion of the hated country. It was stopped by Kennedy, which he didn´t survive long ( After all the most famous False Flag is the event which the Genius James Corbett presented in five Minutes:

A Summer of Terror in France and Germany!

On the 14th of July this year the Nice attack took place, leaving 84 dead, 303 injured. The supposed perpetrator seems to be quite a very dubious „strange case“ ( More so is the treatment of the evidence on this case, as Paul Craig Roberts states (

And then terror turned on Germany: on 18th of July the Wurzburg train attack took place. Inside a regional train a 17 year old Afghan unaccompanied child refugee attacked a family of four people from Hong Kong with a knife and a hatchet and injured them seriously. He jumped from the stopped train and injured another woman. When he tried to flee he was shot dead by Special Deployment Commandos mysteriously being nearby. One has to keep in mind that those forces are trained to stop people by shots without killing them.

Strange enough, witnesses describe the young man as friendly and relaxed ( Since a while he was living with a foster family. But it is said, an ISIS flag was “found” in his room, he should have “radicalized” himself unobserved within a short time. All very strange (!

Munich Attack

On Friday 22th of July the Munich shooting took place. The 18 years old Iranian-German with dual nationality Ali David Sonboli is said to have killed nine people (all not Germans by origin) and injured 35 people. He was living with his family, had serious psychic problems and is said to have been obsessed with Shooter games and Amok stories (like Breivik´s).

Strange enough it was first said that three shooters with long guns were on their way (afterwards it was reported that police in civil clothes with arms led to that observation). Another strange aspect is that first reports said, he was found dead, later on it was reported that he shot himself in front of police.


Two days later, on Sunday, the 24th of July, the Reutlingen machete attack took place. A 21 years old Syrian Asylum seeker, known as violent and alcoholic, killed a pregnant woman with whom he had a relationship and wounded two other people. He was purposely knocked down by a car to stop him (which might have saved him whom being shot dead by police) and later on arrested by the police (, Strange enough, on photos of the machete there´s no blood to be seen, as also Paul Craig Roberts states (


The very same day in the evening the suicidal Ansbach bombing happened. In this case an ISIS connection seems apparent, according to released information, as much trustworthy as the information might be:

It is released that he was in communication with an unknown person even short time before the bomb exploded.

Back to France: Saint-Étienne-du-Rouvray church attack

Terror came back to France on the 26th July by the attack on a church in the Normandy during a mass. A priest and four hostages were taken, two of them nuns. The priest was killed, three hostages unharmed, one in a critical condition. The attackers were killed by police when leaving the church. Strange enough, one of the attackers was under police supervision (, even wearing a supervision bracelet.

After all most of the perpetrators of all these attacks were very untypical as supposed Islamic extremists, most of them rather being either small gangsters or mentally disturbed or both. But on that later on.

I´d made a sad Prediction

I had to think again of a prediction I made after the efforts of France and Germany to join with Russia in the efforts to calm down the Ukraine conflict, resulting in the Minsk II agreement. The leaders of Belarus, Russia, Germany, France, and Ukraine had met from 11th to 12th February 2015 – without the US being invited! After that was finalized the British Prime Minister Cameron was to be seen in front of a camera almost foaming from anger and indicating the Anglo-American fury about those efforts. In deed France and Germany had come to the conclusion that the Ukraine conflict wasn´t in Europe´s best interest (after having helped the US to start the mess). How important the Ukraine „game“ is, see the Neocon Think Tank man George Friedman on the Ukraine:

Don´t mind the German subtitles!

So seeing this I made the prediction: „nasty things will come to France and Germany!“


A Strong Punishment or Just Accidents, Terror and Scandals?!

Already during the prelude of that agreement (which surely had started being negotiated quite some time before) Charlie Hebdo massacre happened on 7th January 2015, leaving 11 dead, 11 wounded.

On the 14th of February 2015 the French Ambassador in Denmark foolishly took part in a controversial event with the author of the Mohammed cartoons in Copenhagen and almost got into the line of the shooting that killed one person (

On the 9th of March that year two helicopters crashed in Argentina leaving eight French nationals – among three Sport Stars – and the two Argentinean pilots dead ( Officially the incident is blamed on a „pilot error“ (, but watching the video one can hardly imagine a pilot to be that stupid, a remote control intervention appears to me not absurd.

On the 24th March of 2015 another plane crash shocked Europe. Germanwings Flight 9525 crashed in the French Alps ( The Co-Pilot was blamed for deliberately downing the plane in suicidal intent. One could have believed that if not very strange details would have been presented:

Criminal investigators said Lubitz’s web searches on his tablet computer in the days leading up to the crash included „ways to commit suicide“ and „cockpit doors and their security provisions“.

It might already appear strange that an averagely intelligent person would search on the Internet for methods of suicide, the more since he was said to have chosen the way which was before him almost every day. But ok, let´s accept that. Totally unbelievable is that he would have informed himself in the internet about cockpit doors and their security provisions since he´d find twenty times more on that in his handbooks! One must also know that in the US experiments on remote control takeover of passenger planes are going on since the sixties (

On 9th May 2015, an Airbus A400M Atlas cargo plane ( crashed in Spain, leaving four crew members dead and two seriously wounded. After „technical problems“ with the black boxes the incident was blamed on software mistakes. One should bear in mind that Airbus is extremely loved by the US and Boeing!

On 21st of August an attack took place on a French high speed Thalys train ( Mysteriously three US soldiers were present to stop the Moroccan perpetrator: you see, only „Big Brother“ can help?!

On the 18th of September the Volkswagen Emission Scandal propped up ( All those car manufacturers might be rascals neglecting ecologic demands and cheating, but VW is a state owned German producer, a very painful affair (which I don´t want to defend at all).

On the 16th of October the rumors about the „bought“ World Championship in Germany came up ( No doubt, Soccer has become a very dirty business and I have no intention to defend the „honorable“ organizers, but mind the time line!

The 13th of November 2015 saw the terrible Paris attacks (, in which 130 people died and 368 were injured, near to hundred seriously. All perpetrators who could clearly be identified were EU citizens. The attack was extremely professional and organized.

The year 2015 ended with the Cologne gang assault on women (, which in deed left many questions open, but created a lot of problems for the German government and it´s „Refugee Welcome“ policy.

But the New Year 2016 also saw grave events early: on the 7th of January there was a strange attack on a Paris police station ( The perpetrator wore a fake explosive vest and didn´t stop when so told. A very strange way to „commit suicide“!

And not to forget, before the July events this year in June ( there was the stabbing attack on a Paris police officer in front of his house and the murder of his wife.

Well, one could say, as much as the West, especially France, helping the US with Colonial wars (as by the way the British do without having a comparable number of attacks) the occurrence of such attacks are not miraculous. But most of the perpetrators – leaving alone the incidents not being associated with „Terror“ – do not fit into the picture of committed followers of Islam, rather, as already stated, mentally instable or small criminals or both.

But we shouldn´t forget the New York Times Article, and more important, there was (most probably better: is) not only Operation Gladio but also the notorious MKULTRA! And by the way, nobody is talking at present about the war danger by NATO expansionism, nobody is talking about TTIP and CETA either!

All this said respectively written, it should be natural to contemplate into ALL directions trying to analyze the terrible events!

Andreas Schlüter

My articles on the USA:

Im Juli hat man wieder „etwas herausgefunden“, nämlich, dass auch Außenminister Steinmeiers Handy und das Außenministerium abgehört wurden (1), wie „erstaunlich“!


Nein, es ist wahrlich nicht erstaunlich, es muss langsam jedem hier klar sein, dass die US-Politik (die keineswegs nur durch die US-Regierung selbst betrieben wird, sondern durch den „tiefen Staat“ der US-Machtelite) absolut entfesselt ist (2) und auch sogenannten „Verbündeten“ (ein freundliches Wort für Vasallen) gegenüber keinerlei Skrupel kennt. Die Politik der eigentlichen US-Machtelite (die zwar, obwohl kaum aus 100 Personen bestehend, über bestimmte taktische Fragen insbesondere im Nahen und Mittleren Osten gespalten ist) ist im Wesentlichen auf destruktive Methoden gestützt, spielt ein Land gegen das andere aus (3), liebt im Gegensatz zum Kapitalismus früherer Zeiten Chaos und Katastrophen (4). Sie ist auf „Weltbeherrschung“ aus, aber aus der Erkenntnis heraus, dass die USA wirtschaftlich zu schwach sind, eine stabile Welt zu beherrschen, zielt sie darauf ab, einen chaotisierte Welt zu beherrschen (5). Dabei sind ihre „Hauptfeinde“ das aufstrebende China und das wiedererstarkte Russland, sowie die mögliche größere Selbstständigkeit Europas, was zur Annäherung der EU an Russland und China führen könnte (6). Letzteres wird u. a. durch die Installation eines Feuergürtels um Europa von Libyen durch Afrika (7), den Nahen Osten bis in die Ukraine bekämpft. Auch das geplante TTIP spielt in diesem Zusammenhang eine wichtige Rolle (8).


Wenn die Antwort Europas nicht „rechts“ ausfallen soll, muss sie „links“ sein!

Einer großen Zahl von Menschen in Europa wird dieser US-amerikanische „Quasi-Kolonialismus“ Europa gegenüber immer klarer. Die Gefahr eng-nationalistischen und ethnozentrischen Reflexes bei Vielen ist sehr groß, befördert durch die Flüchtlingsströme, die die US-gesteuerten NATO-Kriege in Europas Umgebung erzeugen (9). Dagegen muss man begreifen, dass Demokratie, Allgemeinwohl und damit soziale Politik untrennbar mit Souveränität verbunden sind. Die Souveränitätsfrage darf eine Linke nicht den Rechten überlassen! Diese Frage ist auch dafür wichtig, die europäischen Staaten aus der US-geführten Kolonialkriegs-Politik herauszubrechen, deren Folgen nicht nur die gequälten Millionen der südlichen Hemisphäre erleiden, sondern die auch Europa schwer belasten. Ja, und der Kampf der US-Machtelite gegen Russland stellt Europa erneut vor die Gefahr, Kriegsschauplatz zu werden. Von dieser Einbindung muss Europa sich befreien!


Befreiung (auch die von Mittäterschaft) erfordert Mut!

Tatsächlich gibt es diese Freiheit nicht umsonst. Seit kurz nach dem Zweiten Weltkrieg nimmt die US-Machtelite durch die „Gladio“-Strukturen höchst gewaltsam Einfluss auf die Politik in Europa, mit Terror und der „Strategie der Spannung“. Lange waren „False-Flag“ Operationen, die man dem Ostblock, linken Kräften oder explizit neofaschistischen Kräften (die ihrererseits gefördert wurden) zuschrieb, das „Mittel der Wahl“ (10). Bald nach dem Ende des Kalten Krieges gelang es, einen neuen Popanz aufzubauen, der allerdings auch reale Strukturen (durch den „Großen Bruder“ und enge Verbündete gefördert) entwickelte, den Islamistischen Terrorismus! Mit dem grauenvollen und spektakulären Anschlag vom 11. September 2001 hat die US-Machtelite das Narrativ vom „bedrohten Westen“ und seinen „Werten“ („in Dollar oder Euro?“ könnte die sarkastische Frage lauten) begründet. Indessen, überaus viel deutet darauf hin, dass dies die größte „False Flag Operation“ aller Zeiten war (11).


Aufmüpfig, kommt dann der Terror?

Und der Popanz kann sehr wirksam sein: es gibt gute Gründe, der Wiedergabe Glenn Greenwalds von Sigmar Gabriels Äußerungen zum Asyl für Snowden in Deutschland, „Sie haben uns wissen lassen, dass sie dann aufhören würden, uns über geplante Anschläge und andere nachrichtendienstliche Erkenntnisse zu informieren,“ Glauben zu schenken. Was hieße das im Klartext: „gebt ihr Snowden Asyl, kommt der Terror!“ (12). Da muss man sich an merkwürdige Vorkommnisse erinnern: z. B. an den Bombentaschenfund am Bonner Hauptbahnhof, kurz nachdem sich die Bundesregierung in Fragen der Flugverbotszone über Libyen im Sicherheitsrat enthalten hatte (13).

Ein wichtiger Schritt

Ein wichtiger Schritt wäre es, die deutschen Geheimdienste endlich von Leuten zu befreien, die auf der „zweiten Schulter“ US-Interessen tragen. Unter historisch gebildeten Menschen ist es kein Geheimnis, dass die USA und Großbritannien die deutschen Geheimdienste nach dem Zweiten Weltkrieg unter Benutzung vieler altgedienter Nazis, wie dem General Gehlen aufgebaut haben, da diese am besten lenk- und benutzbar waren. Die „Dienste“ sind mit „gedoppelten“ Strukturen versehen worden (14). Diese sind eng mit den überlebenden Gladio-Strukturen verbunden. Ebenso muss politisch der „Transatlantismus“ bekämpft werden. Es ist an der Zeit, dass die Regierung ans Grundgesetz erinnert wird, auf das ihre Mitglieder einen Eid abgelegt haben.


Wenn der politische Wille da wäre, könnte man allen in den „Diensten“, der Telekommunikation und der Politik Tätigen, sowie allen anderen sagen: „Solltet ihr für den „Großen Bruder“ arbeiten, habt Ihr zwei Monate Zeit, euch zu offenbaren! Ihr werdet amnestiert, wenn ihr Eure Tätigkeit für ihn einstellt! Wenn ihr dem nicht nachkommt und entdeckt werdet, fahrt ihr wegen Landesverrats ein, wie das Gesetz es vorsieht!“

Aber, wie gesagt, das erfordert Mut! Und der große Bruder weiß natürlich eben auch über deutsche Politiker sehr viel. Erpressung ist das erste Geschäft in der Geheimdiensttätigkeit. Wenn aber Deutschland wie die übrigen europäischen Länder diesen Mut nicht aufbringen, werden sie bald wirklich als Kolonie und Kriegsschauplatz aufwachen

Daher ein paar wichtige Forderungen: Atomwaffen raus aus Deutschland! Austritt Deutschlands aus den NATO-Strukturen (wie es damals Frankreich tat)! US-Truppen raus aus Deutschland (insbesondere US-Basen in Ramstein und Stuttgart schließen)!

Wie gerne singt man das Loblied auf die Helden vom 20. Juli (die kommunistischen und sozialistischen Widerständler vergisst man gern), oder auf die Geschwister Scholl. Offenbar ist Widerstand nur in der Vergangenheit gut, in großen Teilen der deutschen Politik ist das Heldenlied zum Lippenbekenntnis verkommen!

Andreas Schlüter







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