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Masks, no gloves! – Masken, aber keine Handschuhe!

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Short time ago the US administration signalled the readiness to accept Assad staying in government. Now a tragic attack with poisonous gas was perpetrated (if not even many of the photos are fabrications).

By whom was it perpetrated? Mainstream media as well as obviously the US administration and Western Governments point to Assad´s government. Is that logic? Not at all! Obviously there are forces which want to chain the US administration to the continuation of the Regime Change war in Syria. The rebels in Syria as well as the Deep State of the US, the US Neocon Power Elite, have an interest in continuing that road. Why should the Syrian government have any interest in such an event? But Mainstream and Western polititians don´t want to ask the first and foremost question in any crime: Cui bono?

Andreas Schlüter


Media, Independent and Mainstream: Fake News and Fake Narratives“:

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Unlängst hatte die US-Regierung angedeutet, Assad im Amt zu „tolerieren“. Eine Giftgasattacke hat nun wahrscheinlich (manche Fotos deuten auf Inszenierungen hin, Helfer mit Maske, aber ohne Handschuhe) in Syrien stattgefunden. Durch wen (wenn)?

Die Medien und auch die US-Regierung und westliche Regierungen zeigen auf Assad. Ist das logisch? Fraglos nicht! Offensichtlich gibt es Kräfte, die die Trump-Regierung auf dem Kurs der Regime-Change-Kriege halten wollen. Sowohl die syrischen Rebellen als auch der „Tiefe Staat“ der USA, die Neocon-Machtelite, haben hieran ein massives Interesse. Warum sollte die Assad-Regierung ein Interesse an einem Geschehen haben, das die US-Regierung wieder auf diesen Kurs bringen könnte?

Aber Medien und westliche Politiker sind offenbar nicht in der Lage, die wichtigste Frage bei jedem Verbrechen zu stellen: Cui bono (wem nützt es)?

Andreas Schlüter


Das „Post-Faktische Zeitalter“: wer bedient es?“:



When the big hype started to have the “First Black President” of the USA me together with politically interested African friends of mine became very skeptical about the true essence of the announced “Change” ( Soon it was to be seen that there would be no fundamental “change” ( But after all the Obama administration was the administration of the US Power Elite´s “soft power Fraction” which is not so much for direct military involvement of the US. And in deed the Obama administration was hesitative against pressure for a war against Iran.

The Neocons Hijacking the US Government

This was annoying the Israel lobby with its “spear head” AIPAC (American Israel Public Affairs Committee) and Israel´s hard core Zionist government itself so much that the idea of naked violence against the US President surfaced ( It turned out that Israel´s government wasn´t shy to openly intervene even into US elections. But the “Soft Power Fraction” wasn´t easily giving up and to the analyst a real war between the main fractions of the Power Elite was visible ( This war is a war about the strategy of US World hegemony with regards to the role of the Arab/Islamic world and is of importance also in the development in Egypt (

Only one guideline left for Obama

Now the situation is exploding around the dangerous Western games in Syria ( as it comes to the point of direct military involvement of the US after the incident of a gas attack which can hardly be blamed on the Assad regime ( but rather must be seen as a false flag attack either by the “Rebels” or by Saudi Arabia, Israel or Western secret services respectively a combination of them.

And our heroic “Change Man” seems to have only one guideline left, remembering well what happened soon after Kennedy stopped Operation Northwoods (a design for a false flag providing “reason” for an invasion into Cuba): not to become a “Second Kennedy”! This makes him now definitely the servant of the Neocons! Sad story for all people struggling for more justice and peace in this world!

Andreas Schlüter