Mit ‘Christmas’ getaggte Beiträge


We have to struggle for a better, more just and more peaceful World! – Wir werden für eine bessere, gerechtere und friedlichere Welt kämpfen müssen!

Andreas Schlüter




Don´t let us forget the victims of war, exploitation, Racism, deseases and Terror (staged and authentic), altogether of Imperialism! – Lasst uns nicht die Opfer von Krieg, Ausbeutung, Rassismus, Krankheit und Terror (inszeniertem wie „authentischem“), also insgesamt des Imperialismus´, vergessen!

Andreas Schlüter

To all my readers, Twitter Followers and Facebook Friends, Thanks for your attention and friendlyness! Have all wonderful Holidays and enjoy, get well into a healthy and happy 2015, but don´t forget those „in the shaddow“, those being victims of brutal exploitation and imperialist wars! Don´t forget those driven by these crimes to dangerous sea voyages and the dangers of being drowned and luckily arriving in the many times hostile atmosphere of the Western countries and there being hit by exclusion and discrimination!

Thus I wish you not only a healthy and happy New Year, but also the courage for solidarity and

a VIGILANT 2015!


Click here to hear the wonderful Sowetan Gospel Choir!

Andreas Schlüter


wünsche ich allen meinen Lesern! – I wish for all my readers!

Andreas Schlüter

„No more Christian since long“