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Merde – Wallonia gave in!

Veröffentlicht: Oktober 27, 2016 in Politik
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It seems that all optimism concerning Wallonia´s resistance against CETA was too early. Obviously Wallonia gave_in to the CETA supporters. What a holy shi…! Did „certain circles“ apply the „Shock-Doctrine“? Did they do what they did with Germany in connection with the NSA_affair? In fact „our friends from across the Atlantic have their methods!

Andreas Schlüter


Cheers to the Wallonian resistance against CETA! The ideologists of Transatlanticism try to smear Wallonia as „Anti-European“, but it´s rather the opposite – no matter which other motivations might be in the game – it helps Europe. In fact all these socalled „Free Trade Agreements“ are usually not for the people but for the big Capitalists and their Power Elite. As for Europe CETA and TTIP are designed to prevent the continent from a closer Eurasian cooperation between China, Russia and Europe. Indirectly those agrements are also directed against the BRICS states and the Southern Hemisphere in general. They are part and parcel of US imperial designs, outspoken even by the US-Ambassador_Anthony_Gardner at the EU. In the end those agreements would be helping US aspirations for World_Control. The Wallonian resistance is also not anti-Canandian, which is nicely documented by an open letter to Wallony by Canadian-academics.


Asterix is obviously today living in Belgium, precisely in Wallonia!

Andreas Schlüter

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