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Quite often BBC is involved in Western propaganda, but three years ago they produced a very honest documentaion: „Rwanda´s Untold Story“, putting things concerning Rwanda, Burundi and DR Congo right. No wonder that the Kagame_regime_went_nuts over the documentation since the film delivers a compelling_case_of_Kagame_as_war_criminal.

In fact the docu works itself the hard way through all the myths Western media have spread about their darling Kagame and his RPF. It´s a „Must See“:

Rwanda´s Untold Story, Pt 1:

Rwanda´s Untold Story, Pt 2:

Take the pain to have illusions chattered!

Andreas Schlüter


Half the Truth is a whole Lie! 20 Years of brazen Desinformation!

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The US henchman and agent Paul Kagame and his RPF have not only brought horror over Rwanda and are responsible for millions of dead Congolese ( but are also „famous“ for murdering political opponents not only within Rwanda and DR Congo but also in many other countries. Are they also responsible for the death of the Ghanaian journalist Komla Afeke Dumor, presenter on Africa of the BBC? It looks like that:


President Kagame meets the Genocidaire No 1 every morning!

But his backers shouldn´t be forgotten:


Andreas Schlüter


on Komla Afeke Dumor´s death:

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