Mit ‘Assange’ getaggte Beiträge


On Tuesday Ecuador confirmed it_has_cut_off_Julian_Assange´s Internet access. Let us guess by whose pressure?! At the same time there are attempts_to_frame_Assange_as_a_pedophile_and_Russian_spy in order to silence him.

Now there are strong efforts in the West to_ban_Russian_media. This all can be seen as a coordinated_effort_to_silence_alternative_news_sources. It is all too clear, Western countries move from crippled Democracy to:


Andreas Schlüter


Ten years of existence and hard work which brought Wikileaks founder Assange into a rather uncomfortable situation. But he and the organization don´t give up. That´s a good reason to congratulate and shout three times: Cheers, Cheers, Cheers!

Julian and Wikileaks, keep it up!

Andreas Schlüter

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Following Edward Snowden’s “departure” from “Big Brother´s” spying apparatus the hubris of the US power appears unchained! Surely the annoyance about his revelations of the unlimited US spying games like PRISM and Tempora must be great, but the demands towards the Russian Government and others are simply ridiculous! How many people defecting either from the Soviet Union or Russia or from other political opponent countries have they ever “returned”?

The only explanation is that the US regime is today to a certain extend helpless in such cases and a sort of panic coming from dwindling economic power. In former times the guy would have had an accident or got sick like Chavez and other “unfriendly” Latin American politicians, but the worldwide interest in Bradley Manning and Julian Assange and the fast flow of information in the internet make such “solutions” very “problematic”. With their fierce demands they give even more importance to what he´ll reveal furthermore.

In a way this is a positive symptom for those parts of the world which do not want to be an US vassal. But it also reminds of a wounded Rhino being totally deranged and about to act like mad. Is this the opening for the revival of the madman theory?

Andreas Schlüter