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Have a happy and vigilant 2018! Thanks to my Readers

All the best to my readers for a healthy, happy and vigilant new Year 2018!

Thanks also to my numerous readers from all over the world. I appreciate very much that you turn again and again to my articles into which a lot of work has been invested.

Anyway, a number of projects force me to lay my blog to a temporary rest. Nevertheless I hope that my readers might spread links to many of my contributions which are of lasting general actuality.

Since it is always difficult to get orientation about existing articles on a blog, here are some link collections sorted by topics:

Link list of my articles about the USA (which concerns most parts of the World as well, since the US Power Elite meddles in affairs everywhere):

Link list of my articles about Africa:

Some Science:

Some Thoughts on Science and Life”:

„Mutation in the Number of Chromosomes in Evolution“:

Between Neurophysiology and Philosophy: Some Speculations about Consciousness”:

The Olmec Mystery”:

Wake up, Ignorants! “Ancient Aliens” Myth torn to Pieces!”:

Overview Over my Little Art Works“:

& Some Music:

I´m always pleased about comments!

So long

Andreas Schlüter

PS: Message for the New Year: Beware of Fragmentation!”:

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Ein glückliches und kämpferisches 2018! Dank an meine Leser

Allen meinen Lesern ein gesundes, glückliches und kämpferisches neues Jahr 2018!

Vielen Dank dafür, dass immer wieder auf meine Artikel, in die viel Arbeit investiert wurde, zugegriffen worden ist; ich weiß das sehr zu schätzen!

Nun zwingen mich aber eine Reihe von Projekten, meinen Blog vorübergehend zur Ruhe zu legen. Dennoch hoffe ich, dass man Artikel, die von bleibender Aktualität sind, weiter verbreitet. Da es immer schwierig ist, auf einem Blog die Übersicht zu behalten, hier

Linksammlungen zu bestimmten Themenbereichen:

Linksammlung zu den USA:

Linksammlung zu Afrika und Nahost:

Linksammlung zu Gladio, Geheimdiensten & den Morden des „NSU“:

Linkliste meiner Artikel zu Evolution, Humanevolution und Frühgeschichte:

Überblick über meine „Kleinkunst“:

Und ein wenig Musik:

Über Kommentare zu meinen Artikeln freue ich mich immer!

Bis irgendwann

Andreas Schlüter

PS: Botschaft für das Neue Jahr: Hütet Euch vor Fragmentierung!”:



Here are the links to the English written contributions and those including an English version existing yet:

About me:

Hottest Topics:

Oscar and the US – The Mask Is Slipping Off Again!

Nine Eleven and the Neocons: Finally Doing the Trick?”:

Only ISIS is Barbaric? Burning People Alive!

After Charlie Hebdo: Journalists And Cartoonists, If You Want To Be Brave, Here Are Some Cartoons You Could Spread!”

Mary´s Mosaic”, Looking into an Abyss, Part II:

Looking into an abyss: „Ebola: Pandora´s Box Opened Since Long?“

The Big Competition: ISIS versus US Power Elite!“:

USA and Israel, the Helpless Giant and his Mad Dog: are there mor dirty secrets?

 „African Struggles for Social Justice, Freedom and Democracy in Perspective, Reflected in a Series of Articles“:

Rwanda twenty years ago:

List of my Articles on the USA:

Malaysian Flight MH 370:


Africa Under Attack:

The Fire Brigade is coming to Africa”:

Fuck the EU”: The Russian Bear Hits Back!

Mandela: Another of South Africa´s Heroes Dead!“

Assassination of JFK:

Nine Eleven a Dozen Years ago – Stirred it the Third World War?”

Big Brother: Caught Red Handed?:

Arafat & Litvinenko:

Obama and the Neocons:

Egyptian Addition to: “US PowerElite: At War
Among Themselves?”:

Snowden, Putin and the US Russian „Partnership“: some legitimate Speculations”:

Trayvon Martin: US Justice – RIP:

US Americans: 4th of July – for You and for the World – I Cry!”

US Government: Hubris

Africa 50 Years ago: Foundation of OAU:

The Hidden Seed of Racism:

D-Day shouldn´t be forgotten:

Staging a New Bogeyman for Colonial Wars?


President Obama playing the “Super-Zionist”:

Habemus Papam”: A Cover Up?!:

On the death of Hugo Chavez:

Congo and Western crimes:

Happy New Year?:

US Power Elite: At War Among Themselves?”:

Psychological Operations against the Truth:

Israel & Palestine:

Strange things around the Green Card:

US and Obama:

Nine Eleven:


More articles:

on the death of Chinua Achebe:

Islamism and Anti-Imperialism:

My own little Art work:

Just what it is called:

Brilliant young artist from Nigeria:

Book recommendation (must read!):

Norway, Breivik & Terrorism:

Also what it´s called:

Israel, the US & Imperialism:

First “advanced Civilization” in the Americas:

A serious joke:

Israel and the Two State Solution:

Obama, US power elite, Israel lobby & Israel:

Vigilant poem on Africa:

Reality of Israel´s occupation policy:

Obama, “Change” & Kennedy:

The forgotten struggle of West Papua and neocolonialism:

Kennedy´s assassination in a clearer light:

Swiss historian Daniele Ganser & Nine Eleven:

Troy Davis:

on Evolution:

Andreas Schlüter


Die Zugriffe der letzten 7 Tage – Clicks on my Blog during the last 7 days

I owe a lot to my readers, the fact that people from all over the world go to my Internet Blog is a great encouragement for me! Writing about Science, Politics, Art & Literature (mostly Politics anyway) means lots of work and concentration. Without the knowledge that people read it would ´be much more tuff! Thank you!

Ich verdanke meinen Lesern viel, die Tatsache, dass Menschen aus aller Welt auf meinen Blog gehen bedeutet eine große Ermutigung für mich! Über Wissenschaft, Politik, Kunst und Literatur (meisten natürlich über Politik) zu schreiben, ist anstrengend und mühevoll. Ohne das Wissen, dass Menschen das auch lesen, wär´s viel mühseliger! Danke!

Andreas Schlüter

Special Links – spezielle Links:

My English written articles:

Afrika & Nahost:

Gladio, NSU, Geheimdienste: