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A wonderful News:


is “on air” again!

Best wishes for further successful work

in making the public aware of the atrocities

perpetrated against mankind!

Happy Weekend, dear Tom!

Andreas Schlüter

Does the Empire hit back at Democracy and Information Clearing House?”:



A Heavy Blow Against Freedom of Speech!

A highly valuable Internet Page is “Information Clearing House”. Brilliant articles full of insightful analysis are to be read there. Now the page has obviously been hacked and the publisher is struggling hard to restore the digital base. We have to wish him success for our all benefit! It is interesting that this hacking occurred around the 4th of July which would surely have been “celebrated” by a shower of critical articles about the state of affairs with the US, coincidence?!


Did the Hacking start earlier?

In fact I now suspect the hacking to have started earlier in a way that might have blocked comments to get through. I´ve had problems again and again to comment including links to own articles on the respective content. This could have been done to sow discord in the community being critical on US policy. At the beginning there was an incident where I´ve tried to send a critical comment on a contribution and couldn´t get through. I have to admit that I suspected ICH of blocking me, so I posted an article on the incident:

Open Letter to Information Clearing House on Publication of bin Laden´s “Letter to America”:

I regret that I didn´t contact Tom of ICH before posting the article. Though not directly saying that I suspected ICH of blocking me and rather talking of possible hacking, the conclusion could easily have been drawn that I was blocked. That I really regret.

In between I had the chance to post comments again. After a while I couldn´t get through again. Then the problem was over last week. Now the extended hacking of ICH happened.

I see that I have to apologize wholeheartedly to Information Clearing House for my bad suspion! Dear Tom, very sorry for that!

I wish you fast success in repairing the website. We need it urgently!

Cordial regards

Andreas Schlüter

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We have to thank the Cuban People and the Cuban Revolution that the hope, societies and states could survive without being tolerated by the US Power Elite is still living on! The symbol for that is their leader Fidel Castro who died now. The vision of the Cuban People and of Fidel for Socialism will hopefully live on. My condolence to Cuba.


Thank you, Fidel!

Andreas Schlüter


Ten years of existence and hard work which brought Wikileaks founder Assange into a rather uncomfortable situation. But he and the organization don´t give up. That´s a good reason to congratulate and shout three times: Cheers, Cheers, Cheers!

Julian and Wikileaks, keep it up!

Andreas Schlüter

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