Mit ‘Air Policing’ getaggte Beiträge

Many good reports and articles have been made and written about Nine Eleven showing clearly that the official narrative about the terrible event is a hoax from A to Z. Here is a brilliant compilation of many, many aspects of the tragedy which has rightfully to be called an Inside JOB:


Interestingly there are often disturbances with the video. You´ll have to recover the site and go to the part where the film stopped. I can hardly believe the disturbances are accidental! Don´t let that frustrate you, it´s worth watching till the end.

But nothing is perfect and a few important points are missing

There is the question of the preknowledge in stockmarket Transactions:

Before Nine Eleven 2.3 Trillion $ missing before Nine Eleven:

The strange „Odigo Story“ by Haaretz:

The parasitic insight of MOSSAD into Nine Eleven is misguiding some people to see MOSSAD as the perpetrator:

Mulitple Attas?

The strange „finding“ of a „Terrorist´s Passport“:


Another brilliant compilation of Nine Eleven events:

Nine Eleven was the fake „justification“ of the „War on Terror“ which is in deed a Terror war on the world and on civil rights. The more one knows the easier it is to make people aware of the bloody hoax claiming to many victims!

Andreas Schlüter

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On the afternoon (Berlin time) of Nine Eleven I was sitting in my little office room. Suddenly my Lady (who is herself the natural daughter of an African American WW II veteran) rushed in. Highly exited she told me an airplane had hit one of the Twin Towers. I joined her to the TV and we saw more of the disaster life, including the terrible pictures of people jumping down.

Then the towers crumbled one after the other. Knowing that there were still many people inside I felt like vomitting. But seeing the way the towers came down, I remember myself thinking: this looks like a pyroclastic stream! But I couldn´t make something out of this. Then there came the video of Bush in the school. When I saw his face the moment he was being informed, my stomach murmured: they´re not telling him something new! But my brain was ordering him to shut up. Though thinking soon that the ruthless US politics might have contributed to people getting crazy and becoming terrorists, I was stuck for long with the official narrative as far as the events as such were concerned. By the time I suspected preknowledge on the side of the US government anyway.

It was only around 2007 that I learned more about „Air Policing“ by a friend having been in the German Airforce. He made it clear to me that things must have gone very differently from what we´re told. I got electrified and dived into the topic studying the case for now almost a decade. The results of my studies are very different from the official narative!

A First Short Look at a Highly Tragic Event

To recall the elements of the event that claimed almost 3000 lives it´s fruitful to turn to a brilliant but short presentation – though disturbingly sarcastic – by the genius James Corbett:

This summary will give the guide line for a series of articles on this blog going into the details of Nine Eleven.

The „Genius“ Hijacker Pilots

We were told that 14 Arabs – mostly Saudis – who were armed with box cutters, did not only hijack four planes, but flew two of them into the Twin Towers. One they should have flown into the Pantagon and one they brought down because of a fight with the passengers. Now the problem is that the supposed Hijacker pilots had a lousy performance in flight schools, hardly being able to fly a single engine Cessna!

Either they must have purposely played fools in the flight schools and learned their „job“ somewhere else (why then attend a flight school at all?) or someone else flew the planes. Experienced Pilots certify that the flewn maneuvers were even difficult for someone with thousands of flight hours. Could they have forced the pilots on the planes to fly into the buildings? Even with a box cutter at his throat a pilot would have been forced by his reflexes to avoid the „goal“ in the last moment. So again, the supposed Hijackers themselves? A quote:

Whether the terrorists deliberately chose large jets and counted on the fire damage cannot be determined. But John Nance, an airline pilot, author and aviation analyst, said the direct hits on the two towers and on the Pentagon suggested to him that the pilots were experienced fliers.“

And one more:

By seizing four planes, diverting them from scheduled flight paths and managing to crash two into the twin towers of the World Trade Center and a third into the Pentagon, they must have had plenty of skill and training.

And on Hani Hanjour, said to have hit the Pantagon:

Mr. Hanjour, who investigators contend piloted the airliner that crashed into the Pentagon, was reported to the aviation agency in February 2001 after instructors at his flight school in Phoenix had found his piloting skills so shoddy and his grasp of English so inadequate that they questioned whether his pilot’s license was genuine.“


„I’m still to this day amazed that he could have flown into the Pentagon,“ the former employee said. „He could not fly at all.“

In fact many contradictions within the official narrative have alarmed a high number of flying professionels forming Pilots For 9/11 Truth. Among many other videos and articles they have to say this:

And it appears very strange that the routine of „Air Policing“ did in fact not work on the morning of Nine Eleven!

To be continued!

Andreas Schlüter

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