Addition to „Mystery: What Happened to Malaysian Flight MH 370?“

Veröffentlicht: März 25, 2014 in Politik
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We are given the impression that the Malaysian flight MH 370 of the 8th of March has crashed South West of Australia. Maybe! But other possibilities are not convincingly been eradicated ( What is given these days by the media like BBC ( let no explanation seem to be possible. And to be honest, I doubt even the given “facts”. Why? Because only absurd possibilities were presented. A fire putting the pilots “off” and allowing the plane to fly for seven more hours, a suicide flight by one (or two) of the pilots, a hijacking by one or more of the passengers with no demands radioed, all of this doesn´t make sense! So I see no reason to put aside the speculations in my former article.

The More

I can not abundan those speculations the more as I found interesting articles about radio-control of big planes. Some of the articles have to do with experiments on planes crashes, definitely with specific installations for that purpose, ad this one from 1984:

The 15 flights had 15 takeoffs, 14 landings and a larger number of approaches to about 150 feet above the prepared crash site under remote control.“

Some recent articles give the impression as if this would be a totally new thing, like one in „Mail“ online from May 2013 (1) or in the „Lanca C News (2). In fact all this is not really new. I came across a page adverticing a video about air traffic in the 60ies. And there was an interesting read (at the end of paragraph):

CONTROLLED LANDING (Heathrow 1961) Inside the control tower as ATC talk down an incoming Comet in fog. This recreation has its quirky flaws but nonetheless shows us inside the Heathrow control tower when radar was all valve-driven and sports jackets were the normal attire. We see inside the Comet and the flight deck of a simulator masquerading as the real thing. We then see the „Blind Landing Experimental Unit“ trying out the „Ghost Pilot“ on a Vickers Viking.“

An article from 2006 gives information about a patent by Boeing about an automatic landing system (3). It is thus clear that if even open efforts to make planes influencable by remote control are gone that far the real possibilities to do so must have gone much further. And those are the ones at disposal of the „Deep State“ as it has manifested itself for example in Operation Gladio. And, damn, the whole thing smells so fishy, that many possibilities apart from mainstream must be allowed to consider!

The most striking theory under these circumstances is a hijacking by Remote-Control!

Andreas Schlüter




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  1. milosevic sagt:

    see also:

    *Plausibility Of 9/11 Aircraft Attacks Generated By GPS-Guided Aircraft Autopilot Systems*

    Klicke, um auf AutopilotSystemsMonaghan.pdf zuzugreifen

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