Mystery: What happened to Malaysian Flight MH 370?

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A flight tragedy is keeping peoples minds busy which turns out to be extraordinaryily mysterious. Unfortunately flying isn´t without danger as many accidents have shown. Such accidents don´t only kill many people but also leave their relations in despair. But usually it lasts at most a couple of hours before the terrible truth comes to light and families and others get certainty about the fate of their beloved ones. Very different it is with the Malaysian flight MH 370. The fate of the 239 people on board (including the crew) is still uncertain after a week. Nevertheless there are some facts getting to the public which trigger speculations.

The plane obviously didn´t just dissappear. The communication was switched off not by a crash but almost with certainty deliberately, by whom? There was satellite contact afterwards for many hours, information runs between four and even seven hours. The plane turned backwards and then took way to the West. Radar contact was lost between Thailand and Sumatra (BBC Asia, 1) 2) 3)) obviously sattelite contact kept on longer.

Hijacking, but by whom and where to?

Obviously two Iranians boarded with stolen passports. The „usual suspects“? Moreover misleading graphics start circulating, as for example by the „Mirror“ (4), using a graphic circulated by a Twitter Lady. This scetch has no foundation in the releases that two further ways are likely, one Northern route to Central Asia ore one to the southern Indian ocean, as the Voice of America quotes:

Newly revealed satellite data puts the aircraft’s last known path, in a northern corridor from a border region of Kazakhstan to northern Thailand, or a southern one from Indonesia to the southern Indian Ocean.“



Misleading graphic, „pointing“ to „usual suspects“

The plane must have landed somewhere, either by a crash (on land or in water) or on its wheels. The hijacking must have taken place either by the pilot(s) or by experienced people able to fly huge planes (no lousy flight school attendants like the fake „Nine Eleveners“). No accidents being reported from South Asia. If a hijacked plane would have landed on an Asian country the News would have come, even if it would have been in Iran. If more people than one was involved, we are facing a conspiracy! By whom? Anyway, the Malaysian police is turning on the crew (CBS, 5)) and the government has declared the affair now a criminal case, according to the New York Times (6). It should be mentioned that some information has reached the public about strange behaviour of the co-pilot (7) which at the same time is incompatible with a „classical terrorist“ carreer. Fact remains that the plane seems to have flown for many hours, most probably to the southern Indian Ocean.

Where to in the Indian Ocean?

Well, there is a place in the southern Indian Ocean being quite famous: Diego Garcia, the important US Military base! How absurd, might the „innocent“ normal Western reader think! That is so since Westerners are programmed to think of hijackers and „Terrorists“ to be either fanatic Islamists or leftists radicals. And they should think so according to the concept of West´s mainstream media. But someone who has studied the history of covert Western intelligence operations knows better. There´s a long history of „False Flag“ operations. Those were not only specialities of the Nazis (radio station Gleiwitz) but also planned or commited by the US and their allies.

Famous and today documented without doubt is „Operation Northwoods“,  a plan stopped by Kennedy. A purely fabricated incident used as „false flag“ was the Gulf of Tonkin incident. In the “Operation Gladio (its history profoundly elaborated by Daniele Ganser) of NATO false flag was a „standard procedure“. In face of the gigantic contradictions within the official presentations of Nine Eleven many serious people can not else but suspect it to be the most dramatic false flag operation ever staged. And in the discussion around Nine Eleven many times one topic comes up: the remote control of big planes! As to be read on the 12th September 2001:

„Most modern aircraft have some form of autopilot that could be re-programmed to ignore commands from a hijacker and instead take direction from the ground,“ says Jeff Gosling of the Institute of Transportation Studies at the University of California, Berkeley.

If a hijacking were detected in progress, being able to control a plane from the ground would be crucial, says Gosling. „The only other thing you could do is shoot the target down.“ (


 a possible route

In an article in the Economist of the 20th of that same month the problem was mentioned that such sort of protection from a personal hijacker could open the possibility of remote hijacking (8), exactly what some people think might also have been the clou to Nine Eleven!

One detail appears to be disturbing to the suspision: information was given that according to sattelite the plane´s last position would be on this circle:strange-graphic

But if the suspicion would be fitting that this is a conspiracy by US intelligence circles even the manipulation of such datas is imaginable.

What For?

The crucial criminalistic question is always that for a motive. I would hesitate to link it to the dramatic events in Ukraine as does Bill Chappell in his article „Did The Malaysian Airliner Land? Here Are Possible Runways“ (9). But he provides an interesting map with possible runways where the plane could have landed (only based on technical capacity, but the extreme south-western point representing Diego Garcia):


Worth to be taken into consideration is the idea that not only might the hijacking be designed as a false flag but that the plane might be reserved for another operation of that type. But we shouldn´t rule out other options! The extended research operation and the control of the sattelite system allows the US to build communication lines with all participating Navies (including the Chinese) wich could open more „gates“ for electronic manipulations. Such communication might already have had very negative effects for the Russians (10).

And another point deserves mentioning: The majority of the passengers were Chinese. Additionally to the promising young engineer Dr Yuchen Li, named in the Cambridge News, there might not only have been 24 outstanding Calligraphers on board (as BBC wrote) but scientific experts or intelligence people of high importance, could they be kept somewhere now? After all the competition between the declininvg US Empire and the emerging world power No 1 is even more important than the attempt of the US to strangulate Russia!

Not at all should we forget the fate of the 239 people on board the plane. If the suspicions hold true they could still be alive but their fate nevertheless being tragic. As a non believer I´ve no chance to pray but I wholeheartedly hope for them!

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  1. Schlüter sagt:

    Thanks for comment and Details! Links would have been nice!

  2. Bild 9 oben Runways , von der Laenge her moeglich, alle waren tot es kommt nur eine ferngesteuerte Autoland methode in Frage. Erforderlich ist Heathrow Frankfurt Sydney nur einige Flughaefen haben diese einrichtung ILS CategorieII mindestsens a,b

  3. Der erste Fehler hier ist: MH370 hat keine Umkehrkurve gemacht, die B777 ist angestiegen auf eine Flughoehe die ausserhalb des radarbundels ist und daher verschwunden. Hat aber bald minuten spaeter wieder eine VHD ACARS GND Station gefunden und daten abgegeben. Es war LAT/LONG ueber Kambodscha . Was passiert ist , eine barometrische stoerung hat den A/P veranlasst , hochsu regeln , ca 55000 fuss , alle sind gestorben an Sauerstoffmangel ziemlich schnell. aber vor dem Tode hat ein Pilot noch den A/P ausgeklickt. Also ist die B777 auf einem undefinierten Steuerkurs in einer toedlichen Flughoehe weitergeflogen und hat eine leichte linkskurve beschrieben, Radius ueber 80nm
    Wie gings weiter ? Schwer zu sagen, ein neues LOG ON und hochfahren der Bordsysteme hat stattgefunden 90 minuten danach, Dies weist deutlich darauf hin,dass jemand versucht hat ,die BUAP Sicherheitsanlage zu entfalten .Der Versuch aber duerfte misslungen sein ,da die Barometrie Schaden erlitten hatte von der Luftkissenkollision in Flugminute 00.38 . Wo auch einer der 2 MIGs abgestuerzt ist und von Vietnam aufgenommen worde und um 02.55 torpediert worden ist. Ein weiterer MIG hat die Flugroute opben aufgezeichnet , beschrieben , hat aber asuch Notgewassert6 in der Andaman See und ist dort 2 mal gesehen worden. Zuerst in der Nacht von einer Sloop aus , ohne laerm niur rauch und feuer
    danach eine Passagiermaschine mit Landung in KUL sofort Polizei bericht. Zu BUAP , Singapore Luftwaffe hat von der UNO erhalten 4 grummanjets die faehig sind eine Airbus/Boeing mit BUAP fernzusteuern. Jedoch eine G550 ist abgeschossen worden gemaess Benjamin_White in Twitter ,er hat von google earth die bilder geschnappt bevor sie verdeckt worden sind. Die Sache ueber MH370 ist in Malaysia und USA ein Staatsgeheimnis , Rechtsanwaeltin Dr Dr Orly Taitz,im sueden von L.A. CA usa, hat versucht eine Oeffnung zu bewirken bei der NSA .

  4. […] Mystery: What happened to Malaysian Flight MH 370? […]

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