Habemus Papam: A Cover Up?!

Veröffentlicht: März 14, 2013 in Politik
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A new Pope has been „elected“, a “Latin American”! The Western Press is in euphoric mood, do Latin America and the Southern Hemisphere have reason to be euphoric too? Has the so called election only to do with clerical needs and demands?

One should remember a number of things! There are many links between the Catholic Church and the mighty and powerful Elites in the West. Pope John Paul II played an important role not only in the crumbling of the East Block especially in his country of birth, Poland, but also in the efforts of US Power Elite not have the Soviet inspired system of Poland to be transformed into an economic democracy but to apply “The Shock Doctrineon the people of Poland in order to implant neoliberal Capitalism and take the property of the Polish people into capitalist hands.

Don´t believe that the Cardinals are electing the Pope only according to religious points of view. The power machinery, the secret services, know quite well about the “private” life of them and has enough insights to direct what´s going on! So, if knowing about the unscrupulous methods and influences on the church and through that institution on society (manifested for example in the Propaganda Due, P2), one has to ask oneself: why a Pope from Latin America now?! And don´t fall into the trap of the mainstream media: “well, the majority of Catholics are living there”! No one in power cares for the majority but is calculating with them.

The answer could be quite simple: Latin America is making great efforts to wind itself out of the grip of “Big Brother”, out of the grip of the US Power Elite! Leftist governments are on the march. Outstanding figures are almost gaining cult status. One great personality in that struggle has just passed away and questions are in the air (http://tinyurl.com/atrxa4n). The idea of using the countries´ recourses to feed their people is spreading. On the other side the Catholic believe is running high in that region of the world. With a new Pope who is known for his obedience to power as it has been proven during the time of the military junta in Argentina (http://www.guardian.co.uk/world/2013/mar/14/pope-francis-argentina-military-junta) Big Brother might harbor the hope to divert Latin Americans from “dangerous ideas”!

Andreas Schlüter

  1. Pol Wirtz sagt:

    Really interesting Andreas. I came onto this comment by „accident“, but have now registered to follow you 🙂 !

    • Schlüter sagt:

      Thanks for the compliment, Pol! It is a sad symptom of the world that we always have to look behind media´s presentation. My Motto has become: nothing is as it is presented to us! Thanks for following this blog and have a nice Weekend!

  2. klaus janich sagt:

    hallo andreas !

    da ich der englischen sprache nicht mächtig bin, beziehe ich mich auf den symbolgehalt des bildes.
    …als im ostblock sich das scheitern des nichtkapitalistischen weges abzeichnete, geruhte man einen polnischen papst zu wählen. dieser tat dann wie ihm geheissen.
    …ist franziskus mit gleichen auftrag unterwegs?
    auffallend die betonung, er sei ein bischof der die armen. auffallend sein erster satz beim frühstück mit den kardinälen : wer gott nicht anbete, bete zum teufel. erinnert mich iwie an bush, „wer nicht mit uns ist, ist gegen uns“.

    sozialistische grüsse ! trotzalledem ! klaus

  3. Ouma Fred sagt:

    Well, the pope is a head of state, after all, and he prefects the wealthiest institution in the world. Capitalist barons would never restrain their secret hands from pushing some buttons during such a figure’s election, to see to it that it flows to their taste. It’s the same old game at play, in which power and wealth must rest with the strong ones, while to the weak ones such are rationed.

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