US: Big Brother´s fast Reaction!

Veröffentlicht: November 17, 2012 in Politik
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Confession: I´m a – almost – addicted user of Twitter. Through a link in one Tweet I came across this website Highly astonished I saw an advertisement of the US lottery for the Green Card:

As you see it shows the whole of the North American Continent covered with the US flag. This understandably puzzled me, Plans already underway? Well, a joke, but showing US arrogance. Inspired by this I sent two tweets: “#Canada: Canadians, watch out! You´re obviously targeted for occupation:  …“ and „#Mexico: Mexicans watch out, you´re a planned victim of occupation: …“. A Twitter friend favored the Tweet and I looked again at that website. To my overall astonishment the advertisement was GONE!

You can imagine that I started thinking immediately. What is the only plausible conclusion? Well, Big Brother is watching me – or at least my Tweets!

Addition: As in my article on Israel and the “Two-State-Solution” ( described for a long time a map on the website of Israel´s immigration absorption Ministry was to be seen showing all of former Palestine plus the occupied Golan Heights were shown as Israel. Just about to add to this article that Israel is more “brave” than the US, this moment I found out: the map is gone at long last! It´s not really a triumph, because the occupation isn´t gone at all, but another War of Terror is waged on the Palestinians!

See also my article on Near East and the US:

Andreas Schlüter

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