For my English Speaking Readers

Veröffentlicht: Februar 18, 2012 in Kunst, Literatur, Politik, Wissenschaft
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As you might have realized though being of German mother tongue I like to present my thoughts as well to the English speaking readers. As much as I like to write directly in English, as a „lazy“ person I hate to translate. Surely with some articles I´ll do that, but there are many old articles written in German which are definitely also of interest for English speaking readers. For those who don´t yet know: easy and quite effective help is available. There are free programs doing the trick!

Here is one of them: ! Usage is easy. You get to a window you could copy my text into, then tell the programm to work and you´ll get the result in the English „target“ window. Please, for the old articles which might be of interest for you, use this chance.

Andreas Schlüter



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