Expatriate pondering over Africa´s past and future

Veröffentlicht: Januar 19, 2012 in Literatur, Politik
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For many, many generations

Luckily embraced by Granny´s spirit again

Pondering over his cradle´s

Past and future



Cradle of mankind

Cradle of culture

Cradle of writing

Long accompanied by

Evils like Malaria and sleeping disease

Protecting it well

Against the fate of the Americas

And Australia

Against the crowds of generations long expatriates

Bleached by sterility and cold of northern hemisphere

Coming back with greed and guns

Is told by such `nice´ people

Like Monsanto´s friend Bill Gates

That Malaria and allies

Are it´s worst enemies!

A faint air of mistrust is whirling around his head

Do they really want to protect Africa´s people


Do they want to protect themselves

In the attempt of finally gaining control

Over the old continent?

Such is asking himself

An old `paranoid´ expatriate


Andreas Schlüter


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